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Price list of our training courses


The officer of the watch is qualified to be completely responsible for the safety of the yacht, the crew and the guests during the period of his or her watch. This is a considerable responsibility for which a lot of training is required.

MCA - Masters

As master of a yacht you are responsible for the management of extremely large budgets and must motivate your team to achieve to the best of their abilities - often with little downtime - to create the perfect atmosphere for guests and owners.

PADI Diving

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), is the worlds leading scuba diving training organisation. Founded in 1966, PADI now has more than 136,000 professionals meaning that diving really is global!

Leadership & Management

The 2010 'Manilla' amendments to the STCW convention introduced, for the first time, a requirement for management and leadership training for all ships' officers.

Helicopter Training

Yachts with helipads face a whole range of safety and operational challenges. In partnership with superyacht helipad specialist HeliRiviera of Cannes, we offer essential training for any yacht with helicopter operations.

Teen Summer School

Our summer school programme for teens offers a fun educational distraction for English speaking teens in the French Riviera... In 2014 we are able to offer three course options to teens from 16-18 yrs old.
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Onboard training courses
We have a qualified team of instructors that provide onboard training to familiarise you in your surroundings
  • › Jet Ski & Jet Ski Instructor or Powerboat
  • › Fire Awareness & Fire Team Training
  • › Medical Refresher
  • › ISM/ISPS
  • › Medical Care at Sea
  • › Medical First Aid
  • › Interior Familiarisation
  • › Galley Familiarisation

Bundles & Special offers

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It takes much experience, dedication and education to climb the career ladder in yachting. We have a constant array of very attractive special offers to help you get to the next qualification level. Don't miss out on these opportunities ...

Starting out ?

  • Future captain: STCW95 & Powerboat II
  • Future chief engineer: STCW95 & AEC


  • Personal Water Craft + Personal Water Craft Instructor

Safety & Security

  • ISM + ISPS

Advanced Safety Bundle

  • Adv fire, Adv Sea & Med first aid

Yachtmaster Bundle

  • Yachtmaster Bundle
  • YM Offshore Shore Based (6 days)
  • YM Offshore Practical (5 days)
  • YM Offshore Exam & Commercial Endorsement
  • VHF

Engineering Bundles

  • Y4- book & pay all 3 modules from now until the end of June
  • Y3- add to the Y2 or Y4 bundle for
  • Y2- two options:
  • Science pack- General Science I&II
  • Applied Marine Eng & Advanced Hotel Services
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