Celestial Navigation

MCA - Masters yacht crew training course
Course Duration: 5 days
Training Centres
  • Antibes
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Palma
5 days
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There is no pre-requisite course to attend, the only mandatory element is the examination, hence a course completion certificate will not be required.

This 4 day course leading to a celestial navigation exam will cover the following topics:
- Using celestial bodies to fix position
- Determining latitude by celestial means
- Determining the compass error by celestial means

Please note that, unlike the other Master modules, Celestial Navigation is only valid for 12 months, therefore students should be confident of sitting their Oral within the next 12 months before taking this exam.

We provide this yacht training course in Antibes, Fort Lauderdale & Palma.

Duration details

5 days


Assessment will be by a written 2.5 hour examination of 4 questions. The pass mark will be 65% overall but the candidate must achieve at least 65% in question 1.

Upcoming Classes
Start Date Location Price AVAILABILITY
11 November 2019 Antibes €1309 Limited places
09 December 2019 Antibes €1309 Places available
06 January 2020 Antibes €1309 Places available
03 February 2020 Antibes €1309 Places available
24 February 2020 Fort Lauderdale $1120 Places available
24 February 2020 Palma €1309 Places available
02 March 2020 Antibes €1309 Places available
30 March 2020 Antibes €1309 Places available
27 April 2020 Fort Lauderdale $1120 Places available