Management Services

Owning a luxury yacht is more complex than it used to be, with a maze of regulations, taxation, maintenance schedules and logistics to navigate. Why not let Bluewater management guide you through it?
Operational Support

The Bluewater management team is made of highly dedicated specialists from all areas of yachting, including accounting, administration and logistics, safety, engineering, interior. We offer shoreside assistance, ensuring your yacht remains compliant with regulations and provide technical, financial, and operations support wherever your yacht might be in the world.

Crew Management & Payroll Request Payroll Proposal

Bluewater works with a Channel Islands based MLC certified employment agency. The crew are issued with MLC-approved contracts of employment. A transparent payment structure will help you in budgeting for your individual crew requirements over a 12-month period. Bluewater will handle the day-to-day administration required for crew turnover, contracts of employment, payslips, etc.


Bluewater holds Documents of Compliance (DOC) issued by the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry to manage the International Safety Management code (ISM), the international Ship and Port Facility code (ISPS) and Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) for large commercial yachts.

Technical Support

Bluewater co-ordinates Classification Society requirements and assists the Vessel with the organisation of both periodic and non-scheduled maintenance work.

Financial Support

Bluewater finance team set up an annual budget in consultation with the Owner for the operation of the Vessel, forecasting operational funds, creating and running the Vessel’s bank accounts and making invoice payments. Bluewater organises prepaid cards for the Vessel and ensures the captain has sufficient on-board funds. We provide monthly statements of expenditure to the Owner and arrange the appointment of VAT and TAX representatives.