Crew Training Courses
From Start To Finish

We offer MCA Master, USCG and RYA Yachtmaster courses in Antibes, Fort Lauderdale & Palma for those starting in yachting and all the required modules to reach the highest levels of professional yachting.

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Voted #1 for crew recruitment and training by The Superyacht Annual Report 2018
Entry Level
Kick Start Your Career

If you are looking for a job in the yachting industry for the first time, certain training courses are essential and others are highly desirable in the eyes of potential employers.

Keep your career on course

The Officer of the Watch is qualified to be completely responsible for the safety of the yacht, the crew and the guests during the period of his or her watch. This is a considerable responsibility for which in-depth training is required.

Taking the helm for the first time

RYA qualifications are known and respected around the world. RYA training has been in existence for over 130 years, delivering to professional and recreational boaters over 100 courses that are always up to date with safety issues, regulations and emerging trends.

MCA - Masters
World-class instructors, unrivalled pass rate

As master of a yacht you are responsible for the management of extremely large budgets and must motivate your team to achieve to the best of their abilities - often with little downtime - to create the perfect atmosphere for guests and owners.

Safety & Security
Make your work environment safe for everyone

Knowing what to do in an emergency can make the difference between a minor or a major incident when working at sea.

From AEC to Small Vessel Chief Engineer

Yachts often contain cutting edge equipment. The skills required behind the scenes to maintain the calm while the storm is happening below deck demands extremely qualified yacht engineers.

US Coast Guard

In order to work aboard commercial U.S. flagged vessels, including charter yachts, mariners are required to hold United States Coast Guard Merchant Mariner endorsements. This includes U.S. vessels operating on all U.S. navigable waters including oceans, lakes, rivers and inland waterway routes. Each endorsement holds requirements for both educational training and sea service. The licenses are limited to those with U.S. citizenship or permanent residency status.

Hospitality is at the heart of our industry

The phrase "attention to detail" gains a whole new meaning on board as yachts can only be compared to the best of luxury boutique hotels.

Bridging the gap between ship & shore

With the new requirements laid out in the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006), we have developed our training portfolio to provide the new mandatory courses required by cooks, chefs and any member of crew handling food.

Leadership & Management
Influencing human behavior

These courses are designed to promote the skills needed to lead an organisation, the different modules are mandatory depending on your career path.

Yachting In Action
Yacht courses for 16 - 20-year olds

Our summer school programme for English speaking teens aged 16-18 in Antibes and Palma, and aged 16-20 in Monaco, allows you to learn the basic skills needed for a career in yachting.

You will discover a wide range of skills, walk away with actual Maritime qualifications and make new friends.

Helicopter Training
Develop a helipad team

Yachts with helipads face a whole range of safety and operational challenges. In partnership with superyacht helipad specialist HeliRiviera of Cannes, we offer essential training for any yacht with helicopter operations.

Scuba Diving
Discovering the world underwater

Scuba diving is an extremely popular way to explore new depths in a calm controlled environment, with millions of recreational divers already certified worldwide. Should you invest yourself in scuba diving, a whole new world of opportunity can open up with divers needed for commercial, scientific and military purposes as well.