Approved Engine Course 1

Engineering yacht crew training course
Course Duration: 5 days
Training Centres
  • Antibes
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Palma
5 days
Upcoming Classes
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AEC might well have been called the 'Assistant Engineers Course', it is a requirement for holding this relatively new post. The AEC is aimed at giving a wide and general appreciation of basic marine diesel mechanics and electrics along with an understanding of the chief engineer's responsibilities.

Specifically the course covers: compression ignition engines (general principles), the cycle of operation and construction of engines. It describes fuel systems, the role of air in the combustion process, cooling and lubrication systems, engine electrical systems, power transmission and hull fittings. Other areas include safe working practices, pollution prevention and bottled gas installations.

The course is the first rung on the engineering career ladder for those with no formal marine engineering or craft training. It is of interest to crew members from other departments who wish to enhance their employment prospects by being able to fill the Assistant Engineer position or who wish simply to deepen their engineering knowledge. Small boat private owners may also find this course useful.

We provide this yacht training course in Antibes, Fort Lauderdale & Palma.


Written examination on the final day

Upcoming Classes
Start Date Location Price AVAILABILITY
18 February 2019 Antibes €1099 No place left
18 February 2019 Palma €1099 Limited places
04 March 2019 Antibes €1099 No place left
11 March 2019 Fort Lauderdale $1120 Places available
18 March 2019 Palma €1099 Places available
18 March 2019 Antibes €1099 1 place left
15 April 2019 Fort Lauderdale $1120 Places available
15 April 2019 Palma €1099 Places available
22 April 2019 Antibes €1099 Places available
13 May 2019 Fort Lauderdale $1120 Places available
13 May 2019 Palma €1099 Places available
20 May 2019 Antibes €1099 Places available