Proficiency In Medical Care

Safety & Security yacht crew training course
Course Duration: 5 days
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  • Antibes
5 days
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This course covers the syllabus required by the STCW Code 1995 Table AVI/4-2. It is a management level course aimed at those holding or aspiring to MCA Certificates of Competency in deck specialisations and for those designated to take charge of medical care on board ship. 
The course aims to prepare students to be able to deliver longer-term medical care at sea until professional medical help can be obtained. It includes care to sick and injured patients, head and spinal injuries, ear, nose and throat problems, bleeding, care of wounds, pain relief, suturing, diseases, injections, dental care, hygiene and medical records. 
A pass is valid indefinitely, but must be renewed every 5 years if you are the master or have designated responsibility for medical care on board. 

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We provide this yacht training course in Antibes.


The course involves both theoretical and practical elements which are assessed continuously by a medical practitioner through both written and oral examinations.


Elementary First Aid (STCW Code AVI/1-3) , Proficiency in Medical First Aid

  • I have a sufficient level of spoken and written English to understand the course content and to pass any verbal or written assessments.
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25 September 2023 Antibes €1100 1 place left
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