Yachtmaster Ocean Theory

RYA yacht crew training course
Course Duration: 6 days
Training Centres
  • Antibes
6 days
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This is a course in celestial navigation for those holding the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore only (IYT Certificates are not accepted for RYA training courses).


This will long continue to be a very important backup skill and is considered by the MCA to be an essential part of the master’s training. You will learn: the PZX triangle, star sight planning, merpass, the sextant, time zones, sun-moon and planet sights, star sights and star sight planning, latitude by polaris and compass checking In addition to a course completion certificate, before the oral examination, candidates must plan and execute a ’qualifying passage’ of at least 600nm on a vessel of no greater than 500gt, have taken sights with a sextant, reduced them to a position on the chart and have checked the compass using a celestial body. 


They must also carry out practical sights at sea (Ocean Sights) and then present themselves for oral examination to an RYA examiner. We can let candidates have the details of an Ocean Examiner who lives locally and with whom they can arrange an Oral. We cannot, however, offer the opportunity to take Sights. This course is fully redeemable with your ONE Account vouchers.

We provide this yacht training course in Antibes.


Written examination


Yachtmaster Coastal / Offshore Theory

  • I have a sufficient level of spoken and written English to understand the course content and to pass any verbal or written assessments.
Upcoming Classes
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09 October 2023 Antibes €1099 Places available
18 March 2024 Antibes €1099 Places available