Navigation & Radar (OOW) Yacht

MCA - OOW yacht crew training course
Course Duration: 15 days
Training Centres
  • Palma
  • Antibes
15 days
Upcoming Classes
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There are 2 parts to the course. 10 days of theory followed by 5 days of practical navigation in one of our radar simulators in Biot or Palma. In Fort Lauderdale, all 15 days are taught in the same location. The first 2 weeks of theory start from where the RYA Yachtmaster leaves off and students must be at Yachtmaster standard before attending. Several areas are examined which are not fully covered in the Yachtmaster programme, such as ARPA, chart correction, radar potting and more detailed understanding of electronic navigational aids. In the practical element there is much emphasis on the set up and correct operation of these navigational aids, good watch keeping procedures, radar plotting and radar navigation, practical rules of the road. The Officer of the Watch Navigation and Radar module is an advanced course in yacht navigation and it is not for beginners. Students must have taken and passed their RYA Yachtmaster Offshore before attending. 

Note that since January 2017, an EDH certificate must have been issued 18 months prior to the issue of your OOW Certificate of Competency. This course is free with your ONE Account.

We provide this yacht training course in Palma & Antibes.

Duration details

Monday to Friday for 3 weeks


The written examination will consist of a 2.5 hour theory paper in 2 parts. Part 1 = 3 questions , chartwork, tides and radar plotting. Part 2 = 3 questions. Candidates must achieve a minimum mark of 70% in Part A and 50% in Part B - and overall 60%


Yachtmaster Coastal / Offshore Theory , Yachtmaster Coastal / Offshore Practical

  • Pre course study is essential to optimise your chances of passing this course.
  • I have a sufficient level of spoken and written English to understand the course content and to pass any verbal or written assessments.
Upcoming Classes
Start Date Location Price AVAILABILITY
25 September 2023 Palma €3550 + Exam Fee 1 place left
09 October 2023 Antibes €3550 + Exam Fee Limited places
30 October 2023 Antibes €3550 + Exam Fee Limited places
20 November 2023 Antibes €3550 + Exam Fee No place left
20 November 2023 Palma €3550 + Exam Fee No place left
08 January 2024 Antibes €3550 + Exam Fee Places available
29 January 2024 Palma €3550 + Exam Fee Limited places
12 February 2024 Antibes €3550 + Exam Fee Places available
01 April 2024 Palma €3550 + Exam Fee Places available
08 April 2024 Antibes €3550 + Exam Fee Places available
13 May 2024 Antibes €3550 + Exam Fee Places available