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Be equipped to handle any situation at sea with our comprehensive range of safety courses starting with elementary first aid to crisis management. Our expert instructors provide hands-on training and practical skills to ensure the safety of everyone onboard.

Safety Training at Sea: Ensuring Safe Operations for Maritime Workers

The Importance of Safety Training for Maritime Professionals

In order to maintain a safe working environment for both crew members and passengers, it is vital that everyone on board understands how to handle an emergency situation. This includes knowing how to respond to fires, medical situations, abandoning ship and other critical incidents that may arise during operations.

By undertaking proper safety training at sea, maritime crew gain the knowledge and confidence needed to manage crises effectively while reducing the risk of injury or fatalities.

 As a leading provider of safety training, Bluewater offers a wide variety of courses relevant to maritime professionals, ensuring they are well-equipped with the required skills and information to maintain safety at sea.

In an industry characterised by its inherent risks and challenges, ensuring the safety of those who work on sea-going vessels, including yachts, must be of paramount importance. Through our comprehensive safety training programmes, Bluewater is equipping maritime professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate emergencies confidently, reduce on-board risks, and maintain a safe working environment. 


The advanced fire course was surprisingly interesting and interactive. The team of instructors are very professional and knowledgeable and having a highly experienced fire fighter (with over 17 years in operational fire fighting and 7 years as senior fire fighting instructor at a UK Naval College) with us throughout really made this course a pleasure.

- Martin Greatbanks - Captain
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