Yacht Interior & Hospitality Training Courses available now

The bluewater training team is elated to announce that we finally have the answer to all interior training needs. From the 1st of April 2014, we will be offering the 5 day entry programme in association with the Interior Training Academy, run by Abacus & March.

27 March 2014
With the Interior Training Academy, we will be offering the 5 day entry programme which comprises three of the GUEST entry level qualifications.

GUEST certification, is the industry standard for interior qualifications, and stands for the Guidelines of Unified Excellence in Service Training. The certification route was introduced to the industry in 2012 by the Professional Yachting Association (the PYA).

The three entry level modules covered by the ‘Entry Programme’ are the Interior Introduction, Interior Basic Food Service and the Wine & Cocktail Introduction, which are all valuable skills needed to be an effective member of yacht crew.

In addition to the entry level qualifications offered in the training villa on the Cap d’Antibes, we will be offering a more bespoke training onboard for interior teams that would like to raise the standards that they are offering onboard. These courses can cover an array of different elements from housekeeping to service, etiquette and operations. We are able to arrange these to specifically iron out any areas that the yacht would like to improve.

Together, we hope to take one giant step forward in professionalizing and improving the standards of service maintained onboard yachts. To organize either, your first step in the right direction to becoming an interior crew member or to work with your team onboard, contact the bluewater training team now!

Further information on all training courses that we offer can be found here.