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GUEST: Guidelines for Unified Excellence in Service Training

Following the launch of the GUEST training syllabus- introduced to the industry by the PYA in 2011, we have spent the past year developing our interior course programme to suit the new framework and can happily announce that our brand new courses will be up and running as of October 2012!

We will be offering the majority of courses needed to achieve the first three levels- GUEST I, II & III (introduction, operational and head of department- under 500gt).
As with Deck or Engineer training, various modules are required to obtain the Certificate of Competency (CoC) in the different levels.
The four levels are as below:
Introduction= GUEST I
Operational= GUEST II
Head of Department (under 500gt) = GUEST III
Head of Department (over 500gt) = GUEST IV

These levels have been introduced to help the industry develop 'across the board' standard for service and housekeeping and at the same time offer interior crew a means to justify both knowledge and experience. The interior certification route can be viewed directly on our website.

Please note, similar to what was offered for the deck and engineer department, a period of transition has been allowed. The GUEST certification route is unbiased towards interior crew who are currently working and experienced onboard. The PYA have organised an application process to allow interior crew in this situation to apply for direct entry into the training programme until January 2014. We advise current interior crew to download the 'transitional arrangement' information and forms in order to apply as soon as possible.

We have 2 excellent & experienced interior instructors and a partnership with Shaker BarSchool. We are offering most of these courses both in house and onboard.

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