Medical First Aid

Safety & Security yacht crew training course
Course Duration: 4 days
Training Centres
  • Palma
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Antibes
4 days
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This course covers the syllabus required by the STCW95 Code Table AVI/4-1. It is required for those seeking MCA CoCs at the operational level and for those seeking to the new PYA interior senior steward/ess certificate and also for those designated to provide first aid care in a ship.

Medical First Aid covers how to prepare for a medical emergency on board so you can do what is required to preserve life until proper medical attention can be given. Subjects include; body structure and function, toxicological hazards onboard, casualty examination, spinal injuries, burns, fractures, care of the rescued, radio medical advice, pharmacology, sterilisation of cardiac arrest, drowning and asphyxia.

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We provide this yacht training course in Palma, Fort Lauderdale & Antibes.


Continuous assessment throughout with a written exam on the final day


Elementary First Aid (STCW Code AVI/1-3)

Upcoming Classes
Start Date Location Price AVAILABILITY
27 September 2021 Palma €750 Limited places
11 October 2021 Fort Lauderdale $790 Places available
11 October 2021 Antibes €845 1 place left
15 November 2021 Fort Lauderdale $790 Places available
15 November 2021 Antibes €845 Places available
29 November 2021 Palma €750 Limited places
06 December 2021 Antibes €845 Places available
10 January 2022 Antibes €845 Places available
24 January 2022 Fort Lauderdale $790 Places available
31 January 2022 Palma €750 Places available
28 February 2022 Fort Lauderdale $790 Places available
07 March 2022 Antibes €845 Places available
28 March 2022 Fort Lauderdale $790 Places available
04 April 2022 Antibes €845 Places available
19 April 2022 Palma €750 Places available
25 April 2022 Fort Lauderdale $790 Places available
09 May 2022 Antibes €845 Places available
06 June 2022 Antibes €845 Places available
13 June 2022 Fort Lauderdale $790 Places available