Top 5 Things To Know About Your 2020 Yacht Charter

During these times of unprecedented uncertainty, an exclusive yacht charter can offer a much needed escape from the global crisis. Bluewater tells you more about the measures put in place by charter yachts to reassure guests during these difficult times.

14 May 2020

Cancellation & Postponement Policies

In an effort to encourage bookings for the forthcoming Mediterranean summer season, an increasing number of yachts are offering “penalty-free cancellation or postponement”. These yachts are offering a 100% refund of the charter fee or postponement to a later date, some for any reason and others specifically in the event that a charter cannot go ahead due to COVID-19. A selection of yachts offering a penalty-free cancellation policy with Bluewater can be found here. Terms apply and cancellation or postponement deadlines may vary between 4 weeks and 21 days prior to the commencement of the charter.

Everything is being put in place to reassure charterers and allow them to plan ahead and book their next yacht charter with confidence.

Early Bird Discounts

Some Owners are offering discounts for early-bird charter bookings, alongside the added flexibility of the contract terms. For more information on the yachts currently offering discounts, do not hesitate to contact your Charter Specialist.

Health & Safety Measures

In order to reassure guests further, a full list of preventative measures and increased hygiene procedures are being implemented as a matter of course and all efforts are being made to ensure that these additional safety measures are tailored to the individual client’s needs for added peace of mind.

Charter yachts are also increasingly starting to test crew and guests before boarding. For more information on COVID-19 Test Kits or the hygiene measures onboard your charter yacht, please contact your Bluewater Charter Specialists.

Summer Destination Trends

In terms of destinations there is a definite trend towards the Eastern Mediterranean cruising areas such as Croatia, Montenegro and Greece, where the number of COVID-19 cases have been considerably lower than some of the other Mediterranean hot spots. Nordic luxury private yacht charters, exploring the stunning Norwegian Fjords are also being offered as an alternative summer 2020 destination.

Travel Restrictions

Most commercial airlines (and some private jet operators) have suspended or drastically reduced their flying programs, meaning they will not be fully operational again for some considerable time. Once the commercial airlines begin to reintroduce routes, they are likely to be on a significantly reduced programme, as they seek to maximise loads on profitable routes only. This means that private air charter will, in many cases, be the most direct, hygienically safest, (and for some routes) only viable option. Paired with a private yacht charter, the temptation to travel abroad for a completely tailor-made summer getaway is appealing to more and more clients who are ready to leave the confinement of their homes.

Bluewater works with a number of respected private jet partners and we would be delighted to assist in making your travel arrangements so that your entire experience is seamless, from start to finish.
The Bluewater Team remains fully mobilised to organise your perfect 2020 yacht charter. Please do not hesitate to contact us to book your yacht charter now or if you have any questions about the new measures being implemented by charter yachts during these unprecedented times.