Norway The Norwegian Fjords

Sail away from the well-trodden seas of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean and be prepared for something different, a spellbinding adventure in the heart of nature. Norway is a destination like no other and will bring you closer to nature like never before. A charter on board a yacht in Norway is the perfect way to discover the true beauty and wilderness of this location. Step on board and experience dreamy landscapes, amazing wildlife, and complete tranquility. This is your chance to escape for a while, to embark on a journey with your family and friends and experience something totally natural and different. In the land of the midnight sun, you'll share your yacht charter experience with few, other than the local fishermen and several species of wildlife.


Navigate your way through the calm waters of this kingdom of fjords, past steep mountains, roaring waterfalls, and glaciers. It is of no surprise that the Western Fjords feature prominently in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Don’t be fooled, Norway is not always a snow covered land. The country benefits from weather reflected in all four of its seasons, and during the summer enjoys many hours of sunshine.


Selection of yachts

Charter in Norway onboard a luxury yacht
Boadicea Superyacht Charter


  • 76m
  • Year1999
  • €625,000 / week


Serenity Superyacht Charter


  • 72m
  • Year2003
  • €550,000 / week

Austal Ships

Sherakhan Superyacht Charter


  • 69.7m
  • Year2005
  • €485,000 / week

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