The Best Sportfishing Destinations For Superyacht Charters

A superyacht fishing charter is the ultimate week away — whether you’re out with your mates on the ultimate boys’ (or girls’) fishing trip or want to get in some serious fishing during a family yacht charter. Private yachts give you the freedom to chase the fish where they’re biting and head off for an epic adventure into the blue while offering the ultimate in luxury accommodations, service, and dining.

By Sasha Leong • 04 December 2023

Just imagine handing over your catch — still gleaming— to the yacht’s private chef for them to grill up on the barbeque as you relax in the Jacuzzi or sit with a beer at the sundeck bar, looking out at an incredible sunset.

To celebrate a big birthday, a business deal, or an overdue catch-up with friends, could there be a better way to treat yourself than with a luxury fishing charter? Here are 5 of the best destinations on earth for a superyacht fishing charter. Places where the fishing is legendary, the scenery is spectacular, and the turquoise waters hide some of the biggest prize fish in the world.

Let’s cast off.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The bigger fish gather in the rich, teeming waters at the convergence of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. And the anglers come to hunt them, arriving from all over the world to cast their lines in one of the richest fishing grounds on earth. Cabo is famous and deservedly so, offering a catch of black and blue marlin, tuna, mahi-mahi, swordfish, wahoo and sailfish, as well as a year-round marlin fishing season on the infamous banks of Golden Gate, Gordo, Finger, San Jaime and Lighthouse.

Another appeal of Cabo is the closeness of the fishing grounds to shore. You can end your epic day of fishing enjoying the nightlife of glittering Cabo San Lucas or head into the Sea of Cortez for some extraordinary cruising through desert landscapes.

Want a Cabo San Lucas Fishing Competition? You have come to the right place. This fishing-mad town has a vibrant fishing competition schedule from June to November. The biggest prize of them all is Bisbee’s Black and Blue, which handed out a winner’s cheque of over 3 million dollars in 2022!

Want a Cabo San Lucas fishing guide? Cabo is an angler’s town full of sportfishing legends. Inviting an accomplished Cabo fishing guide on your yacht charter will lead you to productive fishing grounds — and fill you in on some legendary tales.

Kimberley, Australia: Finding ’Barradise’

We are going far off the grid with this one to one of the planet’s most remote and sparsely populated places. The Kimberley is the Australian frontier, where the Outback meets the Indian Ocean in a landscape of rust-red cliffs and waterfalls, empty archipelagos and perfect, croc-infested beaches. And for anyone who likes to fight the mighty barramundi, fishing just doesn’t get any better. Or, more exciting — as you might find yourself battling one of the region’s monster saltwater crocs for your dinner. Barramundi, known as ’ol bucket mouth’, is a high-jumping, hard-fighting fish that will make you work for it, and the fishing is extremely exciting, with river snags and rock bars and huge tidal currents creating huge bait balls that draw the big pelagics. This is what the locals call ’paradise’.

This is one of the world’s most exciting sports fishing destinations in a landscape that will blow your mind. But a word to the party animals: if you like the nightlife, stick to Cabo instead. The only light out here is the stars.

Want to enter a Kimberley fishing competition? You’re dreaming. This place is as remote as it gets. You’ll have to settle for competing with Crocs.

Want to hire a Kimberley fishing guide? For a fishing charter you will be talking about until your dying day, we suggest visiting the Kimberley One Tree Camp or hiring the owner, Bluey Vaughan, to act as your local guide.

World-Beating Big Game Fishing, Bermuda

No country in the world has won the World Cup Blue Marlin title as many times as Bermuda, with the biggest blue ever landing off the island coming in at a staggering 1,352 pounds. If you don’t catch a blue marlin, you can console yourself with some mettle-testing fights with white marlin, yellowfin, sailfish, swordfish and wahoo. There are actually 27 types of gamefish in Bermuda’s waters, including some excellent bonefishing. The best times to charter a yacht in Bermuda for fishing depends on the species — aim for spring or fall for yellowfin and wahoo, summer for blue and white marlin, and winter for bonefish, with top spots for shore fishing at Spring Benny’s Bay, West Whale Bay or St. George’s Harbour.

The archipelago of Bermuda is a superb charter destination in its own right, famous for pink sand beaches, colonial towns, and incredible shipwreck dives.

Want to take part in a competition? The big daddy of the Bermuda fishing competition schedule is the infamous Bermuda Triple Crown, a series of highly competitive championships that take over Bermuda each July. The premier comp in the lineup is the Bermuda Big Game Classic. 

Want to hire a Bermuda fishing guide? For serious insider knowledge (and a side-order of bragging rights), we suggest recruiting one of the guides who have placed in the Bermuda Big Game Classic or the blue marlin record holder Capt. Allen DeSilva.

Game Fishing Heaven, The Abacos Islands, Bahamas

The balmy, subtropical Bahamas are fishing heaven, offering an exhilarating mix of deep sea, bottom and drift fishing, and world-class bonefish flats. There’s some profoundly good fishing off New Providence, Grand Bahama and the Exumas, but our pick of the best fishing in the Bahamas is in the Abacos Islands, where giant game fish can give you the fight of your lives. Green Turtle Cay, Treasure Cay, Walkers Cay, and Marsh Harbour are home to different species throughout the year, including white marlin and dolphin (spring), blue marlin, blackfin and yellowfin (early summer) and wahoo (winter). You might even be lucky enough to land a bluefin, with the rare 1,000-pound monster travelling through these parts. There’s also phenomenal reef fishing and bonefishing on offer, with particularly good bonefishing in spring.

Want to take part in an Abacos fishing competition? There are plenty of Abacos fishing tournaments throughout the year, but the two biggies are the invite-only Custom Shootout and the famous Bahamas Billfish tournament, where you could land a cool million dollars for a Blue Marlin.

Want to get a local Abacos fishing guide? There’s a group of suitably grizzled fishing guides who hang out at the Green Turtle Club. They’re a repository of local fishing knowledge, have wild stories to tell, and give a whole different edge to your Bahamas fishing charter.

Battling the Behemoth, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

And we’re back Down Under with the unmissable, bucket-list experience of hunting giant black marlin in the waters between Cannes and Lizard Island in Australia’s tropical north. Weighing in at up to 1,600 pounds and capable of blistering speeds of up to 80 miles an hour, your heart will be in your mouth as you chase this monster down. 70% of the giant black marlin ever caught have been hunted in this stretch of water, and there are a lot of other excellent species on offer, including tuna and sailfish.

If the fish aren’t biting, there’s some spectacular cruising and diving on offer on the Great Barrier Reef. Lizard Island is home to an exclusive resort set in a 1000-hectare national park surrounded by coral reefs and lagoons.

Want to enter a black marlin fishing competition? One of the most celebrated fishing competitions in the world, the Black Marlin Classic Fishing Tournament is a seven-day competition running out of Lizard Island, where anglers compete to join the prestigious 1000 Pound Club.

Want to hire a local fishing guide? Considering finding someone with tournament wins, such as five-time Black Marlin Tournament winner Captain Billy Bilson.

Finding Treasure in the Deeps, Quepos, Costa Rica

Costa Rica means rich coast in Spanish, and when it comes to fishing, this title is absolutely spot-on. The area around North Puntarenas is a spectacular game fishing location, offering blue, black and striped marlin, yellowfin, mahi-mahi, wahoo, and huge Pacific sailfish in the deep waters, snook and roosterfish inshore, and snapper and groupers on the reefs.

Consistently listed among the world’s top game fishing spots, Quepos is the fishing capital of Costa Rica, with year-round conditions for mahi-mahi and different species of marlin and sailfish always in residence, depending on when you book your Costa Rica fishing charter. If you can tear yourself away from the fishing, the area around Quepos offers a magnificent playground of biodiverse rainforest, white water rapids and beaches.

Want to enter a Costa Rica fishing competition? There are plenty to choose from, but the biggest is the Offshore World Championship, running each April. This is the largest international offshore fishing competition in the world.

Want to hire a Costa Rica fishing guide? With so many game fishing tournaments on the roster in Costa Rica, we suggest finding a guide with a history of wins and placements on the competition circuit, such as Bobby Guinness or Captain Rafael Solano Gonzalez.

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The destinations on this list have something for everyone and are superb cruising grounds in their own right. To book a superyacht fishing charter in any location, please contact the charter team at Bluewater.

Wondering which type of superyacht is best for a luxury fishing charter? Read this.

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