5 Destinations To Start Your Mediterranean Yacht Charter

(With Music Recommendations to Take You Back to Your Last Cruising Adventure)

Where to begin a Mediterranean superyacht charter? The options to start your summer yacht charter are near-endless, with a stunning selection of European yacht destinations to cast off from. But be warned: if you want to book the best charter yachts at peak times, you’ll need to book your Mediterranean superyacht well in advance (we suggest booking your yacht 6 months ahead to have a selection to suit your aspirations.)

Here are five possible places to start your luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean next summer — as well as some classic music tracks to elevate key moments in your yacht charter from the superb to the sublime.

By Kseniia Gribanova • 09 January 2023

Port Hercules, Monaco 

Port Hercules, possibly the most glamorous superyacht port on earth, sits in the shadow of the royal palace. Around it, the steep hills are dotted with high rises and art-deco hotels, and the legendary Monaco Grand Prix racetrack winds down to Rascasse bend.

Begin off your French Riviera charter with dinner at the 3-Michelin star Le Louis XV at the Hotel de Paris, and a night at the casino de Monte Carlo, where bright yellow Lamborghinis pull up outside under the palms, and royals and race car drivers live out their James Bond fantasies at blackjack tables under gold-dipped chandeliers. The next morning, breakfast on deck as you cruise out beyond the mighty cliffs of Monaco and make your leisurely way down the sunny, flowery Riviera to Saint Tropez. 

Music to get you in the cruising mood: Shirley Bassey’s Love Story (Where Do I Begin) Away Team Remix. If there’s a better song to belt out on the stereo as you cruise along the French Riviera on a superyacht than this remix of Bassey’s classic power ballad, we would very much like to know what it is. Bassey lives in Monaco and is a frequent guest on superyachts, so this song feels just right. You’ll want it on repeat: it will soon become your summer yachting anthem.


Dubrovnik, Croatia.

With its mighty ramparts guarding the Dalmatian coastline, the medieval city of Dubrovnik is a magical place to begin a Croatia yacht charter. Behind the thick walls lie a warren of narrow laneways, hole-in-the-wall bars, and orange groves with breathtaking views across the Adriatic. 

Game of Thrones fans will be in their element visiting film set locations, music fans will enjoy summertime concerts in ancient squares, and foodies will delight in dining at the Michelin starred 360, where white cloth tables sit on the rooftop set into the city walls. Get your thrills the next morning by jumping off the high ramparts into the cobalt-blue sea, before casting off into the islands on your superyacht. 

Music to get you in the cruising mood: Crank Ivo Robić’s - Samo Jednom se Ljubi. Tempting as it may be to pop the Game of Thrones soundtrack on and imagine dragons flying above the ramparts (and you wouldn’t be the first to do so), we recommend something classically Croatian instead. up on the stereo as you cruise out into the Dalmatian islands, and it will propel you headlong into the exotic, olde-worlde elegance of this splendid, splendid place. 


Naples, Italy

Begin your Amalfi yacht charter in Naples, a slightly gritty yet fabulously historic city in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. Naples is the gateway to the Amalfi Coast, and you can fit in a morning visit to Pompeii before heading out into the jaw-dropping beauty of the Amalfi Coast, floating through the gems of Ischia, Capri, Ravello, Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi.  

Explore this extraordinary landscape of citrus groves and bright pink bougainvillaea and visit pastel-painted villages perched high above the blue-green sea. Bathe in Ischia’s hot springs, float through the Blue Grotto in Capri, and finish your day with a spot of shopping in Positano and a long dinner on a candlelit terrace shaded by lemon trees.

Music to get you in the mood. Listening to Pavarotti sing Nessun Dorma in your house is one thing. Listening to it as the cliffs of Capri come into sight is another thing entirely. Turn it up loud and experience frissons, as you listen to one of the greatest singers the world has ever known. What’s even better? Every time you hear that song, you will be transported back to this very moment on a superyacht charter on the Amalfi Coast. 

Palma de Majorca, Spain

Just off Majorca’s shores lie some of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean: party island Ibiza, bohemian Formentera, quiet Cabrera and sleepy, ancient Menorca. Yet you will definitely want to take in all of the sights and explore Majorca for a while, as this island is an outstanding yacht charter destination in its own right. 

Start off in the old city of Palma, its cobbled lanes and tapas bars in the shadow of the stunning gothic cathedral, before cruising along the Tramuntana Coast, where arty villages and Michelin- starred restaurants hide in jagged mountains. Offering incredible food, nightlife, world-class golf courses and beaches, Majorca really does have it all. 

Music to get you in the mood. We’re going to go back a little further than the ubiquitous Cafe del Mar here, back to the breezy, sunny sounds of the classic Balearics anthem, Chris Rea’s On the Beach. With a little 80s nostalgia, this happy, easy anthem is one for lying on a deckchair and cruising along a sunny coastline, thinking about days gone by and fun times ahead. 



You can join a charter yacht in Greece in many locations depending on which islands you’re cruising, but Athens sure packs a punch as a great place to start your Greece charter. Begin your trip with an afternoon wandering the Acropolis followed by dining on a rooftop terrace in Plaka, the Parthenon lit up on the hill above. 

The next day you’ll leave Athens to transit the Corinth Canal and into the Ionian Islands, cruising through the mythic landscapes of Corfu and Ithaca, Paxos and Levkas, Kefalonia and Zakynthos. Whether you’re kayaking through blue grottos, walking in olive groves, or swimming off the famous Shipwreck Beach, the Ionian Islands deliver a heady mix of sunshine and history. 

Music to get you in the mood. As you head towards the Corinth Canal, the ancient city falling behind you and the mountains of history lining the shores, you’ll want to listen to something powerful that anchors you in this extraordinary place. There are often huge pods of dolphins near the entrance to the Corinth Canal, and if you time it right, the sun might be setting on the mountains as hundreds of dolphins play in the yacht’s wake. Elevate the moment with a Greek song, like the epic Lamentation of the Tomb, sung by Nektaria Karant. You’ll feel a long way from home, in all the best ways. 


This is just a tiny selection of the marinas and cities where you can begin a Mediterranean yacht charter. Our Bluewater charter fleet has yachts right across the Mediterranean, so get in touch with the charter team for inspiration on yachting itineraries. Just remember, these amazing destinations are popular, so get in quick to book the best yachts in the Med.