How To Choose A Yacht For A Sportfishing Charter

The best type of yacht for a fishing charter will depend on a few factors and extend further than the basics of a vessel’s top speed and fishing gear. With fishing superyacht charters, you have a few options to consider when deciding on the type of vessel.

By Alma LAGANARA • 14 August 2023

Option 1: Charter A Superyacht Sport Fisher

The first option is to charter a large luxury sport fisher with all the gear and an expert fishing crew. The sportfishing fleet is increasing in vessel size and onboard amenities, with super-sized sportfish superyachts reaching lengths of around 40m and even bigger models in production. These bigger sportfishing superyachts are fast and well-equipped for fishing without sacrificing the superyacht lifestyle.

Unfortunately, only some large and luxurious sport fisher superyachts are available. Most sport fishers are smaller, and you will sacrifice considerable space and amenities by not chartering a superyacht. Small sport fishers are still an option for your fishing-mad friends and family trips, but perhaps less attractive to the long-suffering partner and kids!

Option 2: Charter a Superyacht with a Sport Fisher Chase Boat

One popular option is to charter a superyacht with a sport fisher chase boat that travels with it to enjoy all the luxuries and space of a superyacht, then jump on the sport fisher to hunt for marlin or tuna. The chase boat sport fisher will generally have two cabins, comfy lounge space, and a small galley, so you can still get out for overnight adventures if the fish are biting, which is worth considering if you would like the stability of a full-displacement superyacht for dining, sleeping and relaxing and a full-throttle sport fisher to chase down the fish.

This option is also great if you’re chartering with family who might be less keen on fishing than you. A separate sport fisher also means you have extra beds and can add a few more friends to the guest list.

Option 3: Charter a Superyacht, then Engage an External Sportfishing Company

The third option is to charter a superyacht and hire a sportfishing company to bring the sport fisher to you every day; a very viable choice if there are no superyachts with sport fisher chase boats available for charter in the area. This course of action comes with the advantage that the local captain will have the local fishing knowledge to guide you to the best fishing grounds. However, the options may be limited when it comes to the itinerary, choice of staff and overnight cabins for longer trips or additional berths.

Other Considerations


A luxury fishing charter is considerably enhanced if the yacht carries top-of-the-range fishing gear and at least some crew are expert anglers with local knowledge. If the crew are not local or highly experienced, we strongly suggest picking up a local fishing guide.

Other things to consider are the yacht draught for shallow fishing grounds like the Bahamas, the cruising speed of the superyacht for how much ’ground’ you’ll cover, and freezer storage for your abundant catch!

On the food front, while all yacht chefs have a talent for preparing fish, some simply excel. Contact your Bluewater charter team for our recommendations on the top yachts, fishing-mad crews and award-winning chefs for the ultimate luxury fishing charter.