Let Me Be Pacific: Exploring Paradise On Fiji & Tahiti Yacht Charters

There are moments in life that almost shimmer with perfection, and floating through the South Pacific on a Fiji or Tahiti superyacht charter is surely one of them. Feel the thrill as you jetski across a turquoise lagoon in the shadow of a volcano, dive under the surface to watch manta rays soar above you, or relax into bliss in an overwater spa, the smell of jasmine and frangipani floating on the breeze.

By Jo Morgan • 11 September 2023

Whether you seek adventure or indulgence, a Tahiti or Fiji yacht charter is paradise found. Spend your days rafting down jungle rivers or swimming through iridescent water in limestone canyons. Board down immense sand dunes, whooping with laughter as you spray gold, or surf the epic breaks of Cloudbreak or Tehaupo’o, the blue-green barrel curving over you.

Find your peace lazing in hammocks on sugar-white beaches or soaking in a rainforest pool, feeling the waterfall’s thunder on your back. In the luxury resorts of Tahiti and Fiji, dine at a celebrity chef restaurant in a thatched overwater hut, or enjoy a rustic village feast, seafood and sweet yams roasting over the coals, fire walkers and traditional dancers lighting up the night.

Float from one heavenly coral atoll to the other, diving off the yacht into a kaleidoscope of colour and swimming in water so clear that the yacht casts its dark shadow on the sandy bottom far below. Enjoy luxury sandbar picnics, white cloth tables surrounded by the sea, and dine on your yacht, the Milky Way hanging vast overhead.

Every day on charter in the South Pacific is like falling headlong into a Conde Nast photoshoot. But better because you are not tied to land, to changing hotels and flights between islands. On a superyacht, your luxury hotel moves with you, waking every morning to a new, breathtaking view.

The most difficult decision on a South Pacific charter is deciding where to go. Fiji has 333 islands, while French Polynesia has 118 — of which Tahiti is the best known. Both island nations are spread across vast distances, and a happy lifetime could be spent cruising here alone.

For those wanting luxury spas and the high life ashore, as well as stunning beaches and diving, there are plenty of options in Fiji and Tahiti. In French Polynesia, you’ll be drawn to Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora, while Fiji’s ultra-luxury experiences are largely centred around Viti Levu and the surrounding islands.

Those looking for solitude can head into the more remote archipelagos, such as the Yasawa Archipelago and Northern Islands in Fiji and the Tuamotus and Austral Archipelago in French Polynesia. Here you can live out your Robinson Crusoe fantasy, a desert island dream of coconut palms bending down over sunlit seas.

Wherever you choose, you will find your blue lagoon with a superyacht charter in the South Pacific. Bluewater currently has charter yachts based in Fiji and Tahiti. Please contact our charter team to book your South Pacific dream.

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