Have You Ever… 50 Rite of Passage Yachting Experiences

A yachting career is like no other when it comes to momentous experiences.

By Jo Morgan • 07 September 2022
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Crossings, Memorable Escapes & Yacht Shows

Whether it’s chalking up your first yacht crossing, ducking your first hurricane, or seeing your first waterspout bearing down, we reckon there’s no job quite like it when it comes to chalking up memories you’ll have until the day you die.

So, whether you’re pretty new to this game or an expert-level old salt, it’s time to play along with our first round of Have You Ever….

You get a point for each one of the 50 you’ve done, so tally them up and rate your score!


Crossings & Transits

1.   Atlantic Crossing
2.   Pacific Crossing
3.   Suez Canal Transit
4.   Panama Canal Transit
5.   Corinth Canal Transit
6.   Northwest Passage

Memorable Experiences

7.   Mid-ocean swim
8.   Jumped off the sundeck
9.   Been in a major storm at sea
10. Cruised past an iceberg
11. Seen a waterspout at sea
12. Prepped for pirates
13. Seen a whale from the yacht
14. Experienced a tsunami warning
15. Holed up in a hurricane
16. Swum off the boat at night
17. Dived with manta rays
18. Dived for sand dollars in the Bahamas
19. Cliff-jumped off Dubrovnik ramparts 
20. Anchored off Shipwreck Beach, Greece
21. Worked at the Cannes Film Festival

Unfortunate Experiences

22. Dropped food or drink on a guest
23. Accidentally ‘float tested’ a radio
24. Fallen off the tender
25. Fallen off the dock
26. Run out of fuel in the tender
27. Run aground
28. Been on a yacht that’s banged into the dock/another boat/Simpson Bay Bridge

Iconic Eat, Drink, Stay

29. Eaten at the Lamb Restaurant, Majorca
30. Long lunch at a St Tropez beach club
31. Had a Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel 
32. Eaten conch fritters in Bimini
33. Eaten socca in Antibes market
34. Sunday evening at Shirley Heights, Antigua
35. Drinks at The Blue Lady, Antibes
36. Drinks at Quarterdeck, Fort Lauderdale
37. Stayed at the Crew House, Antibes
38. Stayed at Hostal Apuntadores, Palma
39. Stayed at Floyds Crew House, Fort Lauderdale

Boat Shows & Regattas

40. Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show
41. Monaco Yacht Show
42. MYBA Yacht Show
43. Antigua Yacht Show
44. Cannes Yachting Festival
45. Palm Beach Yacht Show
46. Miami Boat Show
47. Dubai Boat Show
48. Singapore Boat Show
49. Antibes Yacht Show
50. St Tropez Regatta

So, what’s your score?

1-5: You’re just getting started. Fun times ahead!
5-15: You’re no newbie.
15-25: You’re collecting stories like crew shirts.
25-40: You don’t even tell strangers you work on a boat anymore. 
40-50: Old Salt alert! Is there anything you haven’t done?


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