Coming Together As Individuals For The 2023 Med Yachting Season

We embarked on 2023 with a simple philosophy: less judging and more curiosity.

By Lizzie Ross • 15 June 2023

What Makes Yachting So Unique?

From day one this year, we have constantly challenged perceptions and perspectives. In doing this, we have become even more aware of the beauty in variety and why that creates such strength.

We relate this to everyone that plays a part in making #bluewaterlife what it is. Luxury yachting is open-minded & it takes individuals coming from entirely different mindsets, backgrounds and journeys to make super yachting the colourful, fascinating world that it is.

What Makes Bluewater Different?


In the luxury yachting industry, companies are often known for hiring a team to fit a certain stereotype, but Bluewater has always been different.

The strength and depth of the Bluewater Blues celebrate the people, team, clients and crew that stand true and individual. The stripe represents the individuality being brought together to make something quite special.

Thankfully, not everyone in this world seeks the same things in life; Yacht owners purchase different types of yachts to suit their lifestyles. Charter clients seek a variety of escapes to suit their lifestyles. Yacht crew seek a variety of itineraries to make working onboard suit their lifestyle.

Everyone is looking for a different experience on board, be it yacht owners, guests, or crew, and lifestyle is not something you can categorise.
Diversity makes the industry unique, and when contrast, strength and variety come together, magic is created.

Unique, United and Your Perception…


Without yacht crew being the professionals that they are, yacht owners and guests would not have the same level of experience. Much like Bluewater and the team of specialists onshore, without a range of experts onboard, yachts would not function, and individuals onboard would be unable to carry out their roles. While yacht crew don’t need to understand every element of the different roles, it is essential to have mutual respect and to hire a range of skilled individuals (above and beyond manning requirements); otherwise, yachts would sink.

Imagine you are working on a small yacht, and someone gets injured; The chef has to jump in to replace the captain, a yacht engineer has to replace a steward(ess), or a steward(ess) has to replace the chief engineer… You could probably keep the yacht afloat; however, the level of service would drop, and the guest experience would suffer.

It takes a whole, united team to create a memorable and successful yacht charter experience.

Perceptions, the way we sense and interpret the world, impact our perspective and point of view on the world, which, again, influences our perceptions… A lot to think about.

Everyone is coming from a different perspective. Although it’s impossible to ’walk a mile in someone else’s shoes’ when we often don’t even wear shoes on board, being considerate of each other and doing your best to help crew mates out, especially when the season gets heated, will make a difference to the united front.

With the European-based Bluewater yacht fleet all now underway, we wanted to take the opportunity to wish you all fair winds for the season. We hope that you, as yacht crew, celebrate individuality on board and that the 2023 Mediterranean season is a success for you as a united crew.

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