A Brand New Dawn In Yacht Charter With Bluewater

It has been an incredibly busy Spring in the Mediterranean, and we have only just caught up with Anthony Huck- the new Head of Retail Charter. Bluewater prides itself on having an excellent team of specialists- covering every aspect of superyacht operations- and having the right leads in each department is critical. The Head of Retail Charter is a huge role, and we can already see changes with Anthony at the helm.

By Lizzie Ross • 29 May 2023

What Can We Expect in the Future?

We have a group of dynamic brokers with different experience levels and profiles. The lead role of this division is comparable to that of a head chef, bringing together a range of fine ingredients to create a world-class experience.

At Bluewater, each broker has their sense of self and individuality and is encouraged to stay true to that. The stripes represent the variety of individuals that are part of Bluewater and the clients we help along the way.

Authenticity means everything to the team at Bluewater. Building and maintaining trust is vital in every division & with increased synergy within, we can enhance the client experience even further. We are amidst a huge system overhaul that will help keep our global team connected. Bluewater invest heavily in tech solutions and will continue to do so.

What is Yacht Charter?

Chartering a yacht is synonymous with freedom, going wherever and whenever you want.

  • Go to bed in St Tropez and wake up in the beautiful bay of Girolata in Corsica.
  • Have all the water toys and equipment you wish, from standard jet skis to e-foil, private submarines or helicopters.
  • Use the yacht as your home base and dive into the best spots on Earth.
  • Go heliskiing in the Alps, Greenland or South America.
  • Charter a yacht for two months and continue working, your kids onboard studying with the nanny while travelling around the world and discovering new cultures.

As a team, our mission is to provide the expertise requested by our clients and always strive to deepen our understanding of the market.

  • Yacht availability (2,000 + currently on the charter market).
  • Match the right crew to the right clients.
  • Destination itineraries (ever-changing rules and regulations – costs, anchorage restriction, customs procedures, working with the suppliers).

We constantly learn new things, making our job even more exciting!

The Industry Is Evolving at a Rapid Rate. What Developments Are You Excited About?

It is no secret that the industry is evolving fast, but is it fast enough? Compared to the automobile or train industries, yachting is relatively young. We are lucky enough to have still people around us who were there at the beginning of the yachting industry nearly 50 years ago. We can learn a lot from them and how they worked at that time without the internet or mobile phones. What times!

The next generation is taking over the industry and holding it to an even higher standard. We are seeing new sustainable propulsion systems, hybrid and hydrogen systems, improved yacht technology and capacity, mega sailing and even submarine yachts.

The trend of exploration yachts with long-range cruising, larger storage capacity, and the ability to accommodate extra staff such as biologists, guides, and scientists sits well with my vision of yachting. Everything is being considered to create the ultimate experience that our planet can offer. The industry is just beginning a new era, striving for a better tomorrow.

We have seen an increasing interest in new cruising grounds such as Northern Europe, Antarctica, Greenland, Central America, the Pacific, and SE Asia, which is very exciting. However, if we don’t implement the proper procedures to reduce our impact on the planet, we will inevitably hit a wall and could lose everything due to unavoidable restrictions. Fortunately, we are seeing a new client profile with millennials willing to explore the planet while considering the environmental impact – these clients will become key players in the industry. Such players will challenge us to adopt the way we work.

The Charter Team is Growing... Who is the Latest Addition?

We recently welcomed Sasha Leong to the team. She has the experience and potential to add tremendous value to the charter division. While Sasha is new to the brokerage industry, she already has 13 years of experience as a chef onboard famous mega yachts on the charter market and brings valuable experience to the team. She knows life onboard and how to execute a perfect charter. of course, she has a lot to learn, but she has the right attitude, and I believe she is in the perfect place to learn. Thanks to her hands-on experience, she has a unique savoir-faire.

What Kind of Superyacht Charters Does Bluewater Create?

We organise any charter, whether for corporate events like MIPIM in Cannes, the Grand Prix in Monaco or Abu Dhabi or special occasions like a birthday celebration, a wedding or a honeymoon. of course, we also organise worldwide holiday charters, from long weekends to month-long charters.

We have noticed a trend in long-stay charters since the pandemic. While a typical holiday charter used to last one to two weeks, we now see more and more clients chartering for a month or even two months and more! Clients have realised that they can work remotely in an efficient way. Wi-Fi signal onboard is now comparable to what we can have at home or in the office, thanks to systems like Starlink.

I like to believe that the market meets clients’ constantly evolving expectations.

Top Destinations for a Superyacht Vacation for the Rest of the Calendar 2023

  • June – Croatia in June is not too crowded or warm, making it perfect for experiencing authentic Croatia.
  • July – Norway in July is the best period to visit the fjords, with longer days, lovely weather and reasonable temperatures.
  • August – France/Italy are always the busiest places to go where everything is happening.
  • September – Greece, as it is off-season but still has that perfect weather and no more Meltemi winds.
  • October – Turkey in October because it’s one of the places in the Med where you can still enjoy nice weather and suitable water temperature.
  • November – Cortez Sea in November as it is the end of the hurricane season and the start of the best season for diving and whale watching.
  • December – The Caribbean to enjoy the beginning of winter under the sun. If you can, spend your New Year’s in St Barts!
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