Bluewater and Da Gama Maritime join forces to provide MCA certified on board training

Bluewater has for many years been providing high quality training ashore in Antibes and Palma and more recently through the amalgamation with ICT in Florida. Da Gama Maritime (DGM) have in the meantime been providing their bespoke on board fire training for many years with a strong reputation for setting new high standards in bringing crew up-to-speed on the most effective techniques to help maintain their safety.

01 August 2017
Both companies have now combined forces to bring crew the advantage of high quality on board training which in some cases can be rewarded with approved certification. MCA accreditation is available to attendees in Advanced Fire Refresher and Crisis Management courses conducted on board.

“We have been working with vessels from 36 thru to over 200m in length and crew numbers from five to over one thousand to enhance safety at sea since 2010 with our bespoke courses,” said Steve Monk of DGM, “now having combined with Bluewater we can bring the advantage of MCA certification for some of these” he added.

On board training allows the benefit of procedures to be reviewed specific to that vessel before working with all crew on the techniques with their equipment in their environment with their fellow crew. “We’ve been approached by many vessels over the years who are looking for continuation training to be conducted on their vessel,” said John Wyborn of Bluewater, “and partnering up with the professional service of DGM means together we can now deliver and ensure crew and guest safety is taken to a higher level with the appropriate certification award.”
Although able to provider MCA certified courses to the crew on board, the bespoke training DGM have been running in areas of chart outfit maintenance, navigation procedures and fire training as vessels emerge from build are still available with Bluewater clients receiving additional discounts.

“We would encourage all Captains and management companies to take a very close look at the procedures on board and determine whether they really feel the exercises they run provide confidence in all crew” added Steve Monk, “It should be remembered there is a difference between training and drills and we regularly find the former is lacking as it is just expected to run drills in accordance with Flag regulations and assume all crew know what they’re doing.”

If you are interested in setting up on board training on your yacht call Sarah Corn on +33493 347 773 or email