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Whether you need more help navigating the yachting industry, want to discuss different career pathways, better understand our job board, or just network with your peers. We are here for you!

By Sam Jurgensen • 04 May 2023

Palma, Fort Lauderdale and Antibes

We’re inviting new and aspiring yacht crew to visit our Antibes, Palma and Fort Lauderdale offices. Visit us on Tuesday, 23rd May, for our global networking breakfast!

RSVP is mandatory. Visit your club profile page to confirm your attendance, or create a profile to gain access to these events.

Spaces are limited, so make sure you act fast! We will offer juice and pastries at all locations.

The recruitment specialists and training experts look forward to welcoming you, offering their advice, and answering your questions.

We’ll discuss the best CVs, how to gain experience onboard, the introductory training courses, do’s don’ts of yachting, expectations, different roles onboard, and more.

Why Register With Bluewater?

We will share everything you need to know to get you started.

As one of the only yachting companies with in-house global training academies working side-by-side with our international recruitment specialists, we have everything you need to take your career all the way.

At the upcoming breakfast events, we’ll give you CV samples, career advice, training guidance, career pathways, and interview tips and answer your questions.

Creating a club profile with us makes you visible to the 300+ ONE Account yachts and management companies with direct access to the crew database.

They search for crew themselves, be it full-time, seasonal or temporary candidates, and occasionally dayworkers nearby who can help with set up or a washdown - these yachts don’t pay recruitment fees, so when they need ANY crew, they go to the database where they can review your profile and call you.

When you’re ready to join a yacht, they’ll contact you directly to discuss opportunities. So make sure your contact details are correct, check in, and tick that you are available!



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