A Different Way to Charter With Bluewater This Year

Bluewater have been helping people self-isolate for 30 years.

18 June 2020
If there has ever been a time to get away from groups of noisy tourists and over-booked restaurants (if they’re even open), it is 2020. This year is about to prove that chartering a yacht is one of the safest ways to offer you and your family the escapism you have been dreaming of.

Seclusion onboard a superyacht, with your own (COVID tested) crew and private chef, and an expanse of glittering sea between you and the situation ashore is surely the best way to self-isolate this summer.

Escapism has never been needed so much, but been so hard to organize. Travel restrictions and lockdown rules have become an ugly fly in the ointment of the pursuit of happiness, but there are still options for wonderful experiences on the water available around the globe, and even often on your own doorstep.
Bluewater has a team of charter specialists in America, Monaco, Spain and Russia who have dedicated their careers to finding undiscovered or forgotten places of beauty where you can cruise peacefully, away from life’s stresses and strains, with the people who mean the most to you. Sometimes these places are closer to home than you realise, such as the featured itinerary below showcasing some of our favourite spots in the Sea of Cortez on the Californian coastline.

Wherever they are based in the world, the team at Bluewater take a great pride in building you the perfect yacht charter experience, from negotiating the best yacht and handpicking your itinerary, to making sure the chef has the best ingredients to make your favourite dishes on board.

Bluewater is delighted to declare the world open for fun once again!

Take a look at this fabulous itinerary for you to plan your next adventure and make that dream become a reality. You won’t be disappointed!