Bertrand Mattei
Head of Charter Management
Bertrand Mattei | Head of Charter Management
+336 76 56 39 98
Monaco office
Le Beau Rivage
9 avenue d Ostende
  • T. +377 99 90 12 22

In 2007, at the tender age of 21, Bertrand initiated his remarkable journey in the world of luxury charters. He assumed the dual roles of charter broker and charter manager at a prestigious French company nestled in Antibes. What followed was an illustrious career defined by a quest for excellence.

Throughout his professional odyssey, Bertrand harnessed invaluable expertise, gracing the halls of esteemed brokerage houses, including the renowned Fraser. He even took on the challenge of establishing a charter department from the ground up for a London-based merchant bank, setting a new standard in the superyacht industry.

Bertrand’s secret to unparalleled success lies in his unwavering commitment to his clients’ best interests. His mind teems with innovative ideas, transforming his ambitions into tangible achievements through a captivating blend of creativity and meticulous attention to detail. His unwavering dedication to excellence underscores every facet of his work.

Reflecting on his journey, he shares, "Diverse experiences were instrumental in my quest for a holistic understanding of my trade. In 2016, I leveraged this knowledge to align with a company boasting a far-reaching vision. Bluewater, a company I had always admired, felt like a natural and fitting choice."

In 2022, Bertrand ascended to the esteemed position of Head of Charter Management. Captain Sébastien of M/Y FIORENTE aptly summarizes the rationale behind Bertrand’s selection for this role: "Bertrand is the quintessential professional—dynamic, approachable, and always available. He’s not just a reliable partner in fair weather; he’s an unwavering pillar of support in adversity. His candor and trustworthiness make him the cornerstone upon which a captain can wholeheartedly depend. Working with Bertrand feels like being part of an invincible team."

Beyond his career, Bertrand’s passion shines brightly. When he’s not at work, he immerses himself in the masterpieces of contemporary French literature and occasionally dabbles in writing, possibly paving the way for his debut novel. An avid reader, he dedicates a significant portion of his life to the written word.

Yachts Represented
M/Y Coral Ocean | Lurssen
Coral Ocean New CA
  • from €650,000 / week
  • 73m
  • 12 Guests
2022 Lurssen
M/Y Loon | Icon Yachts
  • from €500,000 / week
  • 67.5m
  • 14 Guests
2010 Icon Yachts
M/Y Oceana | Oceanfast
  • from €165,000 / week
  • 55m
  • 10/12 Guests
1991 Oceanfast
M/Y Mosaique | Turquoise Yachts
  • from €200,000 / week
  • 49.9m
  • 12 Guests
2002 Turquoise Yachts
M/Y Fiorente | Ferronavale
  • from €66,000 / week
  • 36.95m
  • 10 Guests
1990 Ferronavale
M/Y Salt | Sanlorenzo
  • from €75,000 / week
  • 32.2m
  • 11 Guests
2019 Sanlorenzo
M/Y Quid Pro Quo | Benetti
Quid Pro Quo
  • from €55,000 / week
  • 30.2m
  • 10 Guests
2007 Benetti
M/Y Coca VI | Cantiere Navale Arno
Coca VI New CA
  • from €30,000 / week
  • 26.8m
  • 6 Guests
2000 Cantiere Navale Arno