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  • South Pacific Yacht Charters

    By Jo Morgan • 17 days ago
    A yacht charter in the sunny isles of the South Pacific is like floating through a dream. Lush tropical islands are scattered like deep green gems across the endless sparkling blue, fringed by sapphire lagoons, bending palm trees, and sugar-white beaches. 
  • Members Only

    19 days ago
    Bluewater is a member of MYBA, The Worldwide Yachting Association, offering our clientele peace of mind that they are dealing with a professional and trusted brokerage house. Purchasing, selling, building or chartering a yacht through a MYBA Member safeguards clients and guarantees the highest standards of professional expertise. It's smooth sailing when you work with a MYBA Member
  • Bluewater's TeckTalk - GNSS not GPS

    By Alan Denham • 24 days ago
    I know, whenever someone asks how we know our position, we say ‘using GPS’, but that’s just not true anymore. GPS has become a generic term for any global satellite positioning system. It’s rather like saying ‘Hoover’ to mean any vacuum cleaner. Officially these navigation systems are called GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems)
  • Blue & Beyond #9 - Winter Yachting Destination - Bahamas

    By Jo Morgan • 39 days ago
    As autumn starts to deepen across the Northern Hemisphere and the first snows begin to fall, our thoughts turn to the warm waters and sun-kissed beaches of the tropics, and we start to plan our winter yachting escapes. For those seeking tropical bliss on charter, the Bahamas will be an extremely good option in winter 2017/18, as the enchanting island nation has escaped the wrath of the recent hurricanes and are as beautiful and welcoming as ever
  • Blue & Beyond #9 - Top 10 tips from the bluewater charter specialists

    39 days ago
    Our team of charter specialists are here to help you prepare for your superyacht charter. In order to make your well-deserved holiday as effortless and comfortable as possible, here are some tips and tricks to make sure you are escaping stress – rather than creating it. Follow their top guidelines to help ensure that your superyacht charter surpasses all of your expectations
  • Bluewater USA – ONE Year Anniversary Party

    By Shalom Weiss • 2 months ago
    Bluewater USA – ONE Year Anniversary Party - Fort Lauderdale - BBQ Sauce & Hot Sauce Contest