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  • Small Vessel Engineer Certification

    By Jason Cook • 10 days ago
    As most interested parties have already realised, the structure of training and certification for UK yacht engineers is now in transition to the new Small Vessel system. Adoption of the new system is expected to bring some very welcome improvements to the process, and hopefully the outcomes, of training and certification
  • S/Y DORIANA and bluewater at the Monaco Classic Week

    By Jo Morgan • 14 days ago
    Classic 1930 sailing yacht DORIANA is competing in the Monaco Classic Week (13th - 17th September) with Peter Bennett and a bluewater racing team onboard
  • Behind the scenes with the bluewater leadership team - Peter Bennett, Founder

    37 days ago
    A unique insight into the people behind the brand. A rare opportunity to go behind the scenes with bluewater's leadership team. Today we meet with the founder of bluewater, Peter Bennett, to find out his funniest yachting experience, his thoughts on penguins and advice for teenagers entering the industry
  • Blue & Beyond #8 - The Beauty of the Balearics

    By Jo Morgan • 38 days ago
    The beautiful Balearics have staged an astonishing metamorphosis in recent years, becoming a glittering summer playground of the superyacht set. With the Balearics’ perfect blend of blissful relaxation, hedonistic glamour and breath-taking scenery, it’s not hard to see what the excitement is all about
  • Blue & Beyond #8 - Is it Time You Made the Switch to Sailing Yacht Charters?

    By Jo Morgan • 38 days ago
    Are you a motor yacht charterer who can’t imagine chartering a sailing yacht? You’re not alone. But the sailing game has gotten a whole lot more luxurious in recent years, so it may well be time to think again. Here’s why you should consider chartering a sailing yacht at least once in your yachting life
  • Blue & Beyond #8 - How the Crew Make Your Yacht Charter Special

    By Jo Morgan • 38 days ago
    How does the crew make your charter special? Let us count the ways! From chauffeur and massage services to organising Caribbean treasure hunts and unforgettable luxury picnics, yacht crew almost certainly do more than you imagine, by going above and beyond to deliver the yacht charter of your dreams