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  • Blue & Beyond #7 - Find Your Perfect Match

    By Joanne Morgan • 35 days ago
    Not all yachts are created equal. When it comes to booking a luxury yacht charter, what one person considers a dream charter yacht may not really fit the bill for another. Your perfect charter yacht will depend very much on what your group likes doing, how long your charter is, and what kind of design really floats your boat
  • Blue & Beyond #7 - Top 10 Reasons to Charter a Yacht

    By Joanne Morgan • 35 days ago
    For the discerning luxury traveller, spending a vacation in high-end hotels is no longer enough to satisfy the thirst for decadent adventure. If you want to experience a life-changing, ultra-luxury holiday that is completely personalised to your tastes, it’s time to take to the seas on a superyacht charter. We promise that you will never look back
  • Blue & Beyond #7 - The Amalfi Coast

    By Joanne Morgan • 35 days ago
    As you cruise along the Amalfi coast on your luxury charter yacht, you will feel like you are living in a dream. Towering cliffs rise above deep cobalt waters, and picturesque villages painted pastel pinks and yellows cluster on steep hillsides
  • Master Yacht Chef Competitor - James Perry

    36 days ago
    After three successful, busy charter seasons aboard 30m to 80m yachts, James is working hard to develop his repertoire in the Mediterranean after falling in love with Mediterranean food, culture and ingredients. 12 years in Michelin-star restaurants and five-star hotels have given James a strong technical background in all aspects of the modern kitchen, from molecular, modernist cuisine to traditional techniques prevalent in Mediterranean food
  • Master Yacht Chef Competitor - Scott Dickson

    36 days ago
    Scott started his cooking journey at the age of 15 - he attended a culinary school in Edinburgh, while working part time in hotels and restaurants to gain some experience
  • Master Yacht Chef Competitor - Joshua King

    40 days ago
    I trained 4 years with the culinary arts academy; I then left to work at the likes of the Ledbury, Paul Ainsworth's and Jude Kereama, as well as other high-end establishments. I have been cooking for around 10 years in total, building up my own style and branding