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Contract Permanent Salary tbd
Experience - Qualifications YM offshore
Itinerary Med 2017 (Summer) / Med 2016/17 (Winter)
Contract Permanent Salary 4000 euros then 4500 euros after 3 months
Experience yes Qualifications OOW ECDIS Security awareness
Itinerary 2017: Turkey (Summer) / 2016/2017: Montenegro till April 2017 then on to Turkey. (Winter)
Contract Permanent Salary 2,500 to 3,000 Euros
Experience at least 1 season Qualifications Yachtmaster
Itinerary South of France, Sardinia, Porto Fino, ITalian riviera (Summer)
Contract 3 weeks Salary tbc
Experience - Qualifications -
Itinerary Med (Summer) / Caribbean - winter 2011 (Winter)
Contract Seasonal till February Salary 2,500 per month
Experience - Qualifications -
Itinerary Corsica and Sardigna (Summer) / Based in Monaco (Winter)
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