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  • What to Expect at the 2013 International Boat Show in Xiamen

    By Lachezar Stamatov • 6 months ago
    China, along with the rest of the Asian market, has seen a great expansion in the luxury goods market. In fact, its growth has been so strong that many now predict that, despite slowdowns caused by the recession, Asia will be the main driver in this sector in the near future
  • Autumn at Sea in Beautiful Scandinavia

    By Ivan Petkov • 6 months ago
    No need to brace yourself, though winter is coming. Instead, why not develop a taste for the beauty of the north, as autumn is in its full swing and winter is slowly approaching?
  • A 2014 Superyacht regatta? Yes, you gotta!

    By Ivan Petkov • 6 months ago
    The America's Cup is over and the Oracle team made an impressive comeback, showed real abilities and finally, after a disputed race between them and the Emirates Team New Zealand, won the cup. So dramatic was their comeback and so popular was the event that Larry Ellison, ORACLE TEAM USA founder, was saying: ‘This regatta has changed sailing forever'
  • Set Anchor at These Luxury Mediterranean Destinations

    By Lachezar Stamatov • 6 months ago
    The Mediterranean is as diverse as the people who live along its coastlines. From the history-laden Greek islands, to the quaint appeal of the Italian ports, the glamorous luxury yachts of the French Riviera, the minty scent of Morocco and the golden sands of Spain, there's a lot to be seen and experienced. Everywhere you set anchor there is something unique that will surprise even the most seasoned traveler and sailor. Of course, no places are created equal. Here's a handpicked selection of destinations that smack of luxury and good taste
  • Peter Bennett confident the market will improve

    By Peter Bennett • 7 months ago
    With the Monaco Show being held shortly please give your assessment of the current market and whether you feel it is progressing, stable or still remains uncertain
  • The hidden gems in Cannes and Monaco - most anticipated models at the 2013 yacht exhibitions

    By Ivan Petkov • 7 months ago
    Visiting the French Riviera at this time of the year can be a very rewarding experience, especially if you enjoy the sight of hundreds of luxurious superyachts in one place