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  • Life as a Superyacht Chef - Jaryd Sparg

    By Ashleigh Cecchini • 10 months ago
    Welcome to our Monaco Yacht Show, special edition of ‘Life of a Superyacht Chef’!
  • From Hippie Haven to Luxury Destination

    10 months ago
    Charter with the A-Listers in Ibiza! Ibiza has never lost its reputation as a party island, but summer 2014 has seen celebrities and seasoned yacht charterers flock to this beautiful island that boasts gifts to enchant clubbers and nature-lovers alike
  • Life as a Superyacht Chef - Tim MacDonald

    By Ashleigh Cecchini • 10 months ago
    We've started a series ‘Life as a Superyacht Chef’ for all of you chefs, or aspiring chefs out there who want to pursue a career in yachting! We have hand-picked 10 of our best chefs and created a biography, Q&A and also recipes for you to read! Our first candidate is Tim MacDonald, who is currently in Bangkok
  • Yacht Show Season: Now is the time to buy!

    By Peter Bennett • 10 months ago
    September on the Cote d’Azur is yacht show season, and this year’s events are attracting a whole lot of interest. And for good reason: not only will both the Cannes and Monaco shows be bigger and better than ever before, but, more importantly, it’s an excellent time to be buying a boat
  • Charter the Caribbean. Where to go!

    By Joanne Morgan • 10 months ago
    As the days get shorter and the summer yachting season slowly draws to a close, we turn our sights to winter’s yachting mecca: the warm, tropical islands of the Caribbean, with their soft white sands and crystal clear anchorages. That’s not all there is to the Caribbean however, and charter itineraries are becoming more diverse to make the most of this spectacular region
  • Make yourself employable with bluewater

    By Ashleigh Cecchini • 12 months ago
    Bluewater boasts the largest database of yacht crew in our industry. Our crew agents use it all day every day, and now thanks to bluewater’s newest invention; the ONE Account, we also have over 250 luxury yachts actively using our database in the same way as our crew agents do when looking for candidates. This broadens horizons for crew greatly, so by registering with us, already, you have a massive advantage when it comes to finding your next job!