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  • 5 Most Romantic Yacht Charter Destinations for St. Valentine's

    By Ivan Petkov • 7 months ago
    For many centuries now, St. Valentine has served as an inspiration and excuse for lovers and beloveds to indulge in and enjoy each other’s company on the 14th of February – the day he died. If that was his last will, it certainly was a noble one and up until this day, it is still a reason for many a heart to flutter. The eternal question, though, associated with that special day remains…
  • New Year's Resolution: A Luxury Yacht Charter to the Caribbean

    By Ivan Petkov • 8 months ago
    How about we rethink New Year's resolutions? Instead of turning them into an outlet for all the impossible, idealized conceptions for self-betterment we think we need to live up to, why don't we actually put things on that list that are possible and worthwhile? Like learning something new, broadening our horizon, travelling to some faraway place and extending ourselves in all sorts of new ways
  • Winter sports on 4 wheels: ride the ice!

    By Ivan Petkov • 8 months ago
    Though winter is not too favorable to luxury yachts, one can still enjoy some time on water. Only in this case you won't be measuring speed in knots. At best there'll be room for 4 of you in the cabin and you'll have solid, frozen ground under your ...wheels. Winter test drives and trainings are a premium experience, offered annually by the big and luxurious carmakers. Whether in Cortina d'Ampezzo (Italy), Arjeplog (Sweden) or elsewhere, you are invited to test your driving skills and receive tutelage from champions such as Juha Kankkunen. Here are a few venues and events to look out for if you prefer a different sort of winter sports
  • The world's most luxurious spa pools and baths

    By Gabriel Hershman • 8 months ago
    Nowadays the discriminating holidaymaker is not content to just lie by a pool and roast in the sun. He or she expects a luxurious experience that also caters to their desire to be mindful of their health and emerge feeling refreshed and invigorated
  • 2014: Upcoming and Exciting Yacht Premieres

    By Ivan Petkov • 9 months ago
    As the year comes to an end, we usually look back at the one that has passed. Then we turn our gaze forward to the one that awaits us and wonder what it holds. It's not much different with luxury yachts, really
  • New Year's Eve on a yacht? Let's party!

    By Ralitsa • 9 months ago
    If you're dreaming about the most amazing and unique way to celebrate New Year, you have just found it. Luxury, comfort and true excitement combine in a celebration on a yacht to ensure that this special night will remain truly unforgettable. Who said that you should remain in one place on New Year's Eve? We are all tired of fancy home dinners and luxurious bars that offer the same thing, year in, year out. You can actually be on the move - enjoying the space and freedom of the water aboard a yacht