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  • Corporate and Event Yacht Charters

    9 months ago
    A yacht can be the perfect platform for all manner of corporate occasions and celebrations. From making the right impression to securing business relationships, impress and entertain clients by welcoming them onboard a luxury yacht
  • In for a Penny, in for a Pound

    By Stephen Kinsella • 9 months ago
    In 1985 when my best friend Al Reid and I joined The Parachute Regiment, we made our ways to Aldershot ("Home of the British Army"), where he was waved off at the station by his excited, 6 year old nephew Mark Wright
  • Blue & Beyond #3 - A Piece of Paradise

    By Sarah Smith-Garrison • 10 months ago
    Mother Nature has been very generous in New Zealand and no trip here is complete without a visit to Northland, known as the birthplace of New Zealand, where you can experience the fascinating Maori culture. This region is synonymous with exclusive private lodges and cliff-top golf courses; the Northland of today is a far cry from when the Maori first paddled ashore over 1,000 years ago
  • Blue & Beyond #3 - A Haven of Tranquillity and Wine

    By Sarah Smith-Garrison • 10 months ago
    In New Zealand’s South Island, the Marlborough Sounds are a cruising paradise formed by a network of submerged mountain valleys, islands, tranquil sheltered bays and bush-clad hills, with over 1,500km of deep-water coastline to explore
  • Blue & Beyond #3 - The City of Sails

    By Sarah Smith-Garrison • 10 months ago
    Auckland is New Zealand’s most culturally diverse region, and with its mild climate, sparkling waters and wide abundance of activities on offer, it is considered one of the most desirable places to visit in the world
  • Blue & Beyond #3 - New Zealand Yacht Charter

    By Sarah Smith-Garrison • 10 months ago
    Blue & Beyond will be bringing you must-see places and hidden gems from various destinations around the world to inspire your next yacht charter. Welcome to edition #3 focusing on chartering the stunning waters of New Zealand, a paradise for the senses and the most picturesque yachting destination in the southern hemisphere