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  • Five stunning Fireworks displays in the Mediterranean 2014

    By Ashleigh Cecchini • 8 months ago
    Pyro-musical displays are all the rage in the Mediterranean and around the world – they awaken the senses and stir emotions in many an individual. There’s a certain magic that emanates from a dazzling fireworks display executed in slick combination with music
  • Hotspots in the French Riviera for those in the know (part 1)

    By Pete Butterfield • 8 months ago
    The Cote d’Azur has to be one of the most dazzling locations in the world. It stretches from the Italian border, through the tiny country of Monaco (which of course, hosts F1’s flagship Grand Prix) and then back into France
  • Start Out in Yachting with bluewater

    By Ashleigh Cecchini • 8 months ago
    Every year the yachting industry grows with new people flying over to start their first Med season. Crew agencies are packed and docks along the Cote D’azur are busy with dock-walkers desperate to find their first job!
  • World Oceans Day

    By Issy Mangan • 8 months ago
    In 2008, the United Nations passed a resolution stating that from 2009 World Oceans Day would be on June the 8th every year. Its main objective is to raise awareness of the importance of water and oceans and the way they affect many things such as global warming, the world’s economy and human health
  • The Antibes Yacht Show 2014

    By Issy Mangan • 8 months ago
    The Antibes Yacht show has taken place every spring since 2007 in the Port Vauban in Antibes, France. It was created in response to a strong demand for a spring yacht show in the South of France
  • Scuba Diving in the Mediterranean

    By Charlotte Hydes • 9 months ago
    There is no need to travel to the outer reaches of the unbeaten track to find breath-taking dive sites. A short flight from anywhere in Europe and you will find yourself in the luminous waters of the Mediterranean where you will find an eclectic mix of caves, wrecks and vibrant marine life ideal for both advanced and inexperienced divers. The world's largest enclosed sea, too warm for much of the marine life in northern waters and too cold for reef-forming corals, offers its own personalised array of flora and fauna waiting to be explored