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  • 5 fancy foods you'd like to enjoy on your luxury yacht but can't

    By Ivan Petkov • 5 months ago
    In the world of luxury foods there exists a category of foods which is far beyond what is usually considered haute cuisine. Caviar, foie gras and truffles are all very nice but they cannot possibly compare to what some mastermind celebrity chefs have produced. But with their complexity also comes the difficulty of tasting one of these rare and luxurious meals - they are not widely available, nor can they be prepared by just anyone
  • Marine conservation efforts and 5 celebrities who endorse them

    By Ivan Petkov • 5 months ago
    Marine conservation is a crucial matter of our time. Oceans have been displaying signs of decline, pollution abounds and populations of flora and fauna have been seriously endangered. Recognizing these issues, many groups and individuals across the globe have stood up to take action and put an end to the causes of these problems
  • FLIBS 2013 Success for Luxury Yacht and Marine Industry

    By Ivan Petkov • 5 months ago
    The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS), known as the biggest in-water luxury yachts and boat show in the world, ended on November 4. Though sometimes jokingly referred to as The Grandfather, it definitely is the king of boat shows and it seems as if this year it has surpassed itself. See below for a review of this year's FLIBS and people's reactions
  • Escape from winter to one of these Southeast Asian destinations

    By Ivan Petkov • 5 months ago
    If you're not convinced that Autumn at Sea in Beautiful Scandinavia is a good idea, there's always another yacht charter you can take. Like the one that will take you to Southeast Asia where you can relax and enjoy a professional Thai massage in the company of the sun while blizzards rage in the Northern hemisphere. Here are five enchanting places to visit in Southeast Asia this fall or winter
  • Chic on a yacht: the hottest and the most timeless trends in nautical fashion

    By Ralitsa • 6 months ago
    Enjoying time at sea is an amazing experience that brings excitement and a special connection to nature's most abundant resource, namely water
  • 10 reasons to keep your crew fit & healthy

    By Vikki Keil • 6 months ago
    The human body was designed to move and be active, and by exercising regularly and making intelligent food choices you will improve your overall health & wellbeing. Here are some benefits of having a fit & healthy crew in 2014