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  • Everything you need to know before chartering a luxury yacht

    By Alice Wring • 5 months ago
    Chartering a yacht offers you the opportunity to experience the holiday of a lifetime. All yachts are different; they offer widely differing facilities and cabin layouts, while factors such as their suitability for your preferred holiday activities can vary widely. Your broker will have up to date and detailed knowledge of a huge range of yachts, all gained from personal visits to the yachts to check facilities, meet the crew and sample the cuisine. This will ensure you are matched with the best yacht to suit your requirements from the start, so please provide your broker with as much information as possible
  • What is your preferred Caribbean Destination?

    By Sarah Smith-Garrison • 5 months ago
    The Caribbean is an enormous yachting playground, where luxury yachts float between the jungle-covered peaks of sunken volcanoes and past deserted coral atolls with blinding white sands and palm trees bending down over turquoise water. With staggering natural beauty supported by sophisticated marinas, exclusive spa resorts and boutique shopping, the Caribbean offers everything for the luxury yacht charter guest
  • Why join the yachting industry? An inspiring interview.

    By Ashleigh Cecchini • 6 months ago
    If you are thinking about a career in the yachting industry and want some advice from an experienced crew member, this article will help you. Find out how you might adjust to the lifestyle, the upsides and downsides, how you might feel throughout the journey and be enlightened by the exciting reasons as to why you should join this fantastic industry
  • An interview with a bluewater instructor…

    By Ashleigh Cecchini • 6 months ago
    Sean O'Reilly truly is an international man of mystery! Commanding warships in the Royal Navy, running UK’s counter-narcotic detachment in the Caribbean, and teaching International Law of the Sea to university graduates in Abu Dhabi (yes he's fluent in Arabic!). We are lucky and grateful that in 2012 Sean opted for a quieter life and began teaching at bluewater
  • Antigua Charter Yacht Show 2015

    By Sarah Smith-Garrison • 7 months ago
    From 4th -10th December 2015, the island of Antigua will be hosting the 54th Antigua Charter Yacht Show. With around 100 yachts on display, mostly in the 30m+ category, it’s a great opportunity for charter brokers to see some of the best charter yachts and meet the crew. Bluewater can do all the research for you, just call us with your specifics; yacht style, crew preferences, favourite foods, water toys and entertainment requirements and itinerary ideas – and we’ll find your dream yacht
  • Mini Transat 6.50 2015 – Sailing to the Extreme

    By Jim Acher • 7 months ago
    Captain on sailing yacht AEGIR, Romain Mouchel has signed up for a challenge that is not for the faint-hearted – the 2015 Mini Transat 6.50. A solo transatlantic yacht race covering over 4,000 miles from France to the Caribbean in a vessel no more than 6.50m long, this is a race like none other