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  • On Board SY NEFERTITI during the Superyacht Cup in Palma

    By Jim Acher • 9 months ago
    During the 2014 Superyacht Cup in Palma, Jim Acher was delighted to welcome on board SY NEFERTITI both brokers and the media to showcase her performance levels out at sea. Perfect sailing conditions and a new cruising sails wardrobe added the finishing touches to what was a great day out for all involved
  • 5 cocktails that will be a big hit on any Yacht charter

    By Michelle Guy • 9 months ago
    Many famous exotic cocktails are referred to as "Boat drinks", a name made popular by the Jimmy Buffet song “Boat Drinks” in 1979. These types of drinks, also commonly referred to as ‘Tiki Drinks’ usually have a higher fraction of alcohol, with one or more fruit juices
  • Sailing Yachts at the Palma Superyacht Cup

    By Jim Acher • 9 months ago
    The Palma Superyacht Cup 2014 takes place from 18th-21st June in the Bay of Palma, attracting a selection of stunning sailing yachts from all around the world to this beautiful Mediterranean island. Since the first edition in 1996, the regatta has become one of the highlights of the racing circuit
  • Why Interior Crew Training is essential in today's Superyacht industry.

    By Lynne Edwards • 9 months ago
    Following many significant developments in the Superyacht industry over the last decade or so which has seen an increase in the building of larger and more sophisticated yachts and the concurrent arrival of more demanding yacht owners, one of the more noticeable changes in the Superyacht industry has naturally been in the higher levels of professionalism expected of crew members in all departments
  • SCUBA safety - Do you need an assessment?

    9 months ago
    How safe are your SCUBA operations on board your vessel or even on board rendezvous dives? Yacht Scuba Safety provides SCUBA risk assessments as well as crew assessments to assist in improving all aspects of SCUBA safety
  • Musings from my Australian vacation

    By Chris France • 10 months ago
    My favorite vacation was in 2003 when I took my mother of 73 and my father in law of 82 on a three-week trip to Australia. Flying Singapore Airlines is a treat in itself, those lovely exotic eastern hostesses and the satay sticks which were available for much of the flight were sublime