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  • The world's most luxurious spa pools and baths

    By Gabriel Hershman • 3 months ago
    Nowadays the discriminating holidaymaker is not content to just lie by a pool and roast in the sun. He or she expects a luxurious experience that also caters to their desire to be mindful of their health and emerge feeling refreshed and invigorated
  • 2014: Upcoming and Exciting Yacht Premieres

    By Ivan Petkov • 4 months ago
    As the year comes to an end, we usually look back at the one that has passed. Then we turn our gaze forward to the one that awaits us and wonder what it holds. It's not much different with luxury yachts, really
  • New Year's Eve on a yacht? Let's party!

    By Ralitsa • 4 months ago
    If you're dreaming about the most amazing and unique way to celebrate New Year, you have just found it. Luxury, comfort and true excitement combine in a celebration on a yacht to ensure that this special night will remain truly unforgettable. Who said that you should remain in one place on New Year's Eve? We are all tired of fancy home dinners and luxurious bars that offer the same thing, year in, year out. You can actually be on the move - enjoying the space and freedom of the water aboard a yacht
  • The fine line between a luxury yacht and an eccentric one

    By Ivan Petkov • 4 months ago
    In the world of luxury yachts, there’s a fine line between outright eccentric and very luxurious. And often it’s hard to tell where this line exactly runs. As yacht designs move forward and shipyards offer newer and better solutions, one is often puzzled, wondering whether the latest development hasn’t gone over the top
  • 6 Top Luxurious, Adventurous and Sustainable Skiing Destinations

    By Ivan Petkov • 4 months ago
    Before you know it, it’s already December. But that has its advantages - winter season has arrived
  • Sailing to a land down under: Exotic South Pacific Charter Destinations

    By Ivan Petkov • 5 months ago
    It goes without saying that a luxury yacht charter trip to the South Pacific is one of relaxation, rest, delicious food, magnificent views and loads of sun