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  • Blue & Beyond #5 - Montenegro & Croatia

    By Sarah Smith-Garrison • 5 months ago
    These two heavenly yacht destinations will take you to pink sandy beaches, historic and medieval towns, an ultra-exclusive resort favoured by royals and celebrities, secluded bays and coves, vineyards, snorkelling in emerald waters and plenty of beauty and buzz. Before you start packing, read the blog to discover these enchanting destinations
  • Blue & Beyond #5 - Day trips & Week trips

    By Sarah Smith-Garrison • 5 months ago
    Deciding where to go on your luxury yacht charter can be a tough task, especially with so many beautiful islands to explore; call the bluewater team to discuss what you would like from your charter and we’ll help you with destination ideas
  • Blue & Beyond #5 - Corsica Yacht Charter

    By Sarah Smith-Garrison • 5 months ago
    Corsica is a truly stunning island located in the Mediterranean. Over the years, this island has been ruled by various nations but today it is officially part of France. All Corsicans speak French although they have their own local dialect, a Romance language that is more closely linked to Italian
  • What is a Designated Person Ashore (DPA)?

    By Ken Dales • 5 months ago
    The Designated Person Ashore (DPA) is the ‘keystone’ to provide the structure and support for an efficient and effective Safety Management System onboard a vessel. Required by ISM Code for all commercial vessels over 500gt, the DPA is especially designated to ensure a reliable connection between the company and the crew and to supervise the safe operation of the vessel
  • 10 Gentlemen’s essentials for this Mediterranean season

    By Vikki Keil • 6 months ago
    Do the clothes make the man, or does the man make the clothes? It is not just a question of clothes; it is about attention to detail. Accessories are to clothing what grammar is to writing. They are used to tell the story properly, and when you find styles that you love, you tend to stick with them for a very long time. In many cases, it’s a life-long relationship
  • Bluewater Chef Competition Winner!

    By John Wyborn • 7 months ago
    Tyrone Hardie, 26, was the winner of the 2016 Bluewater Chef Competition. Held at ‘Secrets de Cuisine’ in Antibes, the competition was sponsored by Gourmet Deliveries. The 12 contestants (the competition was well over-subscribed) fought a very close battle this year and showed a real mix of styles