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  • Life as a superyacht chef - Jayson Parker

    By Ashleigh Cecchini • 3 days ago
    This week we have an extra special superyacht chef, Jayson Parker, an Australian-Italian, with a passion for good food, and not only does he have over 15 years of experience, he ran his own Italian bistro for 6 years. Have a read on his transition from land to yacht and what tips he has for you
  • The New Gin Craze!

    By Ashleigh Cecchini • 16 days ago
    This gorgeous, tasty, sophisticated, beverage that we all enjoy today, has an epic history and is now smashing its way back into the present trending world!
  • Life as a Superyacht Chef - Guy Kidd

    By Ashleigh Cecchini • 20 days ago
    Welcome to our weekly feature 'Life as a Superyacht Chef'. This week is a special edition of our ‘Chef of the week’ as we requested an interview with the chef from one of our bluewater-managed boats, MY Nero. We spoke to Guy Kidd the chef on board and he has enlightened us with his favourite styles of cooking, how he got into the industry and his unique charter guest stories
  • Life as a Superyacht Chef - Spike Berta

    By Ashleigh Cecchini • 30 days ago
    Welcome to our weekly feature 'Life as a Superyacht Chef'. This week we are showcasing a veteran in the yachting industry who has a lot of useful advice! Here you have Spike Berta
  • I work out! Excercising onboard...

    By Ashleigh Cecchini • 33 days ago
    There are many ways of accidentally putting on excess weight while working on board yachts
  • Exploring the South Pacific

    By Ashleigh Cecchini • 38 days ago
    Have you had an opportunity to explore in the Pacific? There is no better way to see the delights that the area has to offer than on a luxury yacht. We strongly recommend that if you ever have the chance to experience such a wonderful itinerary, you do - you won’t regret it!!