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A selection of some of our positions on luxury yachts
Chief Stewardess - private shore_based yacht
Williamsburg, VA
LAND-BASED 10,000 sq. ft. brand new home is seeking a full-time Chief Stew/Estate Manager.
Must be American or a Green Card holder with experience on both sides of the pond.
Looking for someone to start in the next few months.
The estate is located in a gated community of 2,500 homes surrounded by the James River on one side, three golf courses, and is some two miles from Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.
The house has a master suite, 4 guests suites, living rooms, dining room, recreational room, kitchen, two laundries, a pantry, and two external pools in addition to various support rooms.
The family lives six months of the year in Florence, Italy, and currently four/five months in Williamsburg at the estate in two to four-week visits. The rest is spent on vacation.
They are looking to recruit a former Chief Stewardess to run the house year-round.
The skills required would include understanding how to provide a similar level of five-star service to that experienced on a super-yacht (they have frequently chartered yachts), taking responsibility of hiring any necessary additional staff, running a household budget, ensuring the maintenance of the house and getting it ready for their arrival. It would also include sourcing of local produce, a cook as and when required, and making travel arrangements for collection & depositing guests.
They need someone with a positive attitude to both people and service.
Housing will be provided off-site, max 2 - 3 miles from the estate.
Great pay and benefits package and an amazing opportunity for an experienced Chief Stew who is ready to make the move to a land-based position!
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