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A selection of some of our positions on luxury yachts
Captain - 35.51m charter motor yacht
$6-$7000/month plus tips
Seeking a mechanically inclined Captain to take care of this yacht, plus an 85’ and his 35’ tender. Larger boats are available (and guaranteed) 5 days per month of charter each, so expecting good gratuities. If both boats are booked on the same day, owner will hire a second Captain. Has an Engineer and hires temp Stews. Zero tolerance for drugs, and if charter guests come on board with them, must cancel the charter immediately. 6 day work week. Paid on 1099 as contractor. Any nationality as vessels are foreign flagged. Boats are 5 minutes apart from each other. Just finishing engine rebuilds and coming out of the yard within 2 weeks. Would be nice if Captain also can fish. Can live aboard or live ashore. Boats are in North Miami. Owner is aware the salary is low for two/three boats but feels "if you spend 3 days on one and 3 on the other, it’s no additional work." He’s also aware that the job market is in his favor.
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