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A selection of some of our positions on luxury yachts
Bosun - 70+m private/charter motor yacht
STCW, ENG1, PB2, PDSD, YM Offshore and Ideally most OOW modules completed
2021 - Med (Summer) / U.S. / Caribbean (Winter)
Bosun required for 70+m MY
Starting 1st October in the Med
Must have a valid B1B2 visa as boat is heading to U.S. and Caribbean
PB2, STCW, ENG1, PDSD, Yachtmaster and (ideally) most OOW modules completed
Must have previous deck experience
Strong work ethic, fit and career focused.
Hard working boat with constant use. Long periods are spent at sea (months at a time).
Worldwide cruising
Non smoking, dry boat
Confident, mature attitude, respectful and easy going candidates only
Looking for hard working, adventurous crew who want to accelerate their careers
Salary €3800
Must be fully vaccinated for Covid
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