Cabrera A marine national park

Everyone has heard of Ibiza, most of Mallorca, some of Menorca, few of Formentera but there is a small island in the Balearics, or more accurately a collection of islands, that almost no one has heard of. Cabrera, 17 km off the south west tip of Mallorca, is an archipelago which is part of a marine national park, uninhabited and relatively untouched. Due to the seclusion of this island the wildlife has thrived and the prolific birdlife has earned the archipelago’s status as a Special Protected Area for birds, as well as a fantastic marine ecosystem and ocean bed. Access to this National Park is restricted with a limited number of yachts gaining 24-hour permits. With fewer than 100 residents onshore, tranquility is assured. Swim in the deep blue grotto, hike one of the endless routes available, see how many rare species of birds and sea life you can spot, and visit the archeological places of interest both on land and below the sea.


Selection of yachts

Charter in Cabrera onboard a luxury yacht
Elysium I Yacht Charter

Elysium I

  • 33.53m
  • Year2019
  • €115,000 / week


Play the Game Yacht Charter

Play the Game

  • 28.15m
  • Year2014
  • €49,500 / week


Axioma Superyacht Charter


  • 72m
  • Year2013
  • €660,000 / week

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