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Menorca is one of the smaller islands in the Balearic Islands yet has an abundance of culture, history and beautiful coves and beaches. Arrive on the sun-bleached shores of Menorca after a spell on Mallorca or Ibiza and notice the drop in volume. The easternmost Balearic island moves to its own mellow beat and reflects the Mallorca of yesteryear. Life here is low-key, and the white-sand bays that stud its 216km coastline are among the loveliest in the Mediterranean. Inland, criss-crossing its fields and rolling hills are an estimated 70,000km of dry-stone walls.


Menorca is a treasure chest full of archaeological delights dating back to the Iron and Bronze Age. Explore the many idyllic coves and caves, snorkelling or scuba diving in these glorious clean waters.

The Capital of the Island is Mahon and the port is one of the most talked about sites in history. The port has several entrances; one of the best ones is next to the fish market, but also looks onto the gardens of Rochina Park. The port played an important defensive site over the centuries and is one of the safest natural harbours in the world. It still has a naval base here. All about is an abundance of history illustrating the town's development and establishment between the gorge and the two cliffs. On the left side is the oldest part of the town where you can discover the church of Santa Maria and on the right is the Carmelite church and convent. Mahon developed with fishing being the main livelihood. The limestone caves outside the city date back to the Bronze and Iron Age and were burial tombs. All the remains have been removed and can be seen in the history museum.

A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
In 1993, UNESCO declared Menorca a Biosphere Reserve, aiming to preserve environmental areas such as the Parc Natural S’Albufera d’es Grau wetlands, and its liberal sprinkling of mysterious Bronze Age sites.

Summer Festivals
Menorca is well known for the summer festivals that take place in the small villages on the Island throughout the summer. These festivals involve some very strange traditions dating back to the 14th century. The streets are closed in the evenings and the festivities begin. One of the festivals involves a man walking around the streets carrying a sheep on his shoulders, then locally bred black horses are decorated and paraded, there is harmless jousting plus firework displays and dancing in the evening. . Other events are the summer music festival and concerts as well as the organ festival in Mahon. These events are very popular with the visitors to the Island.

The cuisine of the Island is typically Mediterranean with locally caught fish such as rascasse and roa served with rice. If you travel out of Mahon heading eastwards you will come to a pretty fishing village called Fournell's which is renowned for its excellent seafood restaurants. The famous Mahon cheese is made here, which is made from a mixture of sheep's milk and cow's milk and has a mild flavour. Gin is the popular aperitif which is served with soda and a slice of lemon.

Just outside San Lluís, on the road to Es Castell, you will find Menorca’s largest winery where you can amble around the vineyards at your own pace, or join a free 30-minute guided tour that concludes with a tasting of the wines, grape jelly and tangy Menorcan goats cheese.

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