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Y4 Operational Procedures & Basic Hotel Services And Ship Construction

Engineering yacht crew training course

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Fort Lauderdale
5 days
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The Hotel Services component of the course covers refrigeration and air conditioning, fresh water and sewage. Ship Construction deals with stress, metallurgy, corrosion and stability.
This module follows the same format as Marine Diesel Engineering and covers aspects of IMO, ILO, MCA, ISM and marine business and law that affect the engineering department. As with all these short but wide ranging courses pre-study is essential.
We provide this yacht training course in Antibes, Fort Lauderdale & Palma.
2 hour written examination on the final day
AEC or MEOL or Craft Skills Test or a minimum 42 months as an engineer, A minimum of 4/6 weeks pre-course study is essential to optimise your chances of passing this course
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