Vessel Information Security Practitioner

Safety & Security yacht crew training course
Course Duration: 2 days
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2 days
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This 4-hour course will provide certification for maritime personnel serving onboard. This course provides captains and crews with the fundamental concepts and techniques necessary to successfully prepare for and respond to cyber threats in the maritime domain. Software, hardware, and people are all possible attack vectors onboard vessels, and a foundational understanding of how to address them is essential to maintaining security and privacy of owners, guests, and crew members. Students will develop comprehension and perspective on the cyber threats prevalent in the maritime industry and society writ large. We will explore impact of cyber incidents and how to mitigate potential threats with sound preventative measures and cybersecurity resources. Special consideration will be given to distinguishing sensitive information and critical systems to ensure captains and crews can apply appropriate protections in accordance with global privacy and data regulations. At the end of the course students will be able to (1) identify sensitive information and critical systems and ensure security and privacy are maintained, (2) comprehend cyber threats and possible incidents, (3) develop sound strategies for implementing preventative cybersecurity measures, and (4) maintain a vessel security policy. This course is designed to provide captains and crews with the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize threats, protect data, and maintain vessel security policy. The objectives of the course are to 1. Identify risks to sensitive information and critical systems 2. Analyze and understand the impact of cyber incidents 3. Evaluate and apply methods to safeguard credentials, information, and systems 4. Describe and compare preventative measures and available cybersecurity resources 5. Identify and compare indicators of compromise, incidents, and response protocols Students successfully completing the course will receive VISP certification from Resolvn, Inc. ( – a leading cybersecurity company.

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The assessment is based on the BIMCO guidelines as they apply to a basic user; it will include 30 questions to be completed during the last hour of the course. The questions will be multiple choice and delivered on-site.

  • I have a sufficient level of spoken and written English to understand the course content and to pass any verbal or written assessments.
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