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Ships Cook Prep & Demo

Galley yacht crew training course

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Secrets De Cuisine
3 days
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The Ships Cook Assessment criteria, is based on City and Guilds level 2 professional diploma in cookery.
is specific course is a demonstration of the skills and techniques that are required to pass this assessment.
Now a requirement of the MLC 2006, the Ships Cook Assessment is necessary should you wish to become chef onboard a yacht operating with over 10 members of crew.
This course has been created for experienced cooks/chefs who wish to understand the parameters of the Ships Cook Assessment and brush up on a variety of skills that may have not been used in some time, i.e. pastries, filleting fish or butchery.
We will also take you through the theory module which contains health and safety, food safety, cultural and religious requirements, dietary needs for shift workers, allergies and specific diets.
This training course is provided by our partner Secrets De Cuisine.
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