Ship’s Cook Assessment

Galley yacht crew training course
Course Duration: 3 days
Training Centres
  • Antibes
  • Secrets De Cuisine
3 days
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It is a now (as of August 7th 2014) a requirement for all Chef/Cooks on board charter yachts only with 10 crew or more to have an MCA Ship’s Cook Certificated member of crew onboard at all times; this is because of changes in the law brought about by the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006).

As stated within the latest MCA guidance form, the Ship’s Cook Assessment is necessary for all cooks/chefs on board commercial vessels with 10+ crew in order to obtain MCA Ship’s Cook Certificate. The assessment provides a way for all chefs to have their skills objectively assessed in a controlled environment. The purpose of the assessment is to verify that a candidate can cook correctly and safely across a specified range of techniques and foodstuffs. There will be no attempt to grade candidates on artistic skill beyond that normally expected of a working cook; it is not a competition.

The assessment consists of three different modules which all need to be completed. It will take place in an MCA approved kitchen. Training is available to prepare for the assessment upon request via the bluewater website.
- 1 day practical assessment in soups, starters, meats, fish, putty and vegetables with a pass mark of 65%
- 1 day practical assessment in pastry, bakery and deserts with a pass mark of 65%.
- ½ a day written assessment which has a total of 60 questions with a pass mark of 70%

To be eligible to sit this assessment, Chefs must have 1 year experience at sea or 1 year experience on land as a Chef/Cook + 1 month sea service.
The assessment covers the following subjects:
- Health and safety in catering in the maritime industry
- Kitchen operations, costs and menu planning
- Applying work skills
- Healthier foods and special diets
- Cultural and religious catering requirements
- Dietary requirements of shift workers
- Prepare and cook soups and sauces
- Prepare and cook fruit and vegetables
- Prepare and cook meat and offal
- Prepare and cook fish and shellfish
- Prepare and cook rice, pasta, grains, and egg dishes
- Prepare and cook desert and pudding
- Prepare and cook bakery products

We provide this yacht training course in Antibes & Secrets De Cuisine.

  • Chefs must have 1 year experience at sea or 1 year experience on land as a Chef/Cook + 1 month sea service.
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