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Yachting In Action yacht crew training course
Course Duration: 5 days
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  • Palma
5 days
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Tailored for individuals aged 16 to 19, our summer school presents an enriching five-day training programme meticulously crafted around four distinct MCA-accredited courses: Personal Survival Techniques, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Elementary First Aid, and Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities. This comprehensive curriculum is strategically designed to furnish participants with indispensable pre-sea training, placing paramount emphasis on ensuring the safety and well-being of crew members in maritime environments.

Spanning the course’s duration, participants engage in immersive learning experiences, delving deeply into critical areas such as first aid protocols, advanced fire prevention strategies, proficient firefighting techniques, essential sea survival skills, and navigating the nuanced dynamics of life at sea. Each day is meticulously structured to foster a holistic understanding of these vital subjects, empowering participants with the knowledge and confidence necessary to thrive in demanding maritime settings.

Moreover, comprehensive course information is readily available for those seeking a more profound comprehension of each facet covered within the curriculum, offering in-depth insights and supplementary resources to augment learning. Our commitment to providing a well-rounded educational experience ensures that participants emerge not only with a robust skill set but also with a profound appreciation for the complexities and responsibilities inherent in maritime endeavours.

We provide this yacht training course in Palma.

  • I have a sufficient level of spoken and written English to understand the course content and to pass any verbal or written assessments.
Upcoming Classes
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01 July 2024 Palma €650 No place left