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Onboard Cocktail & Spirit Advanced (GUESTIII)

Interior yacht crew training course

Training centres
3 days
This 3-day program provides a tailored in-depth spirit and cocktail program specifically for the needs of your interior crew. A tailored in-depth spirit and cocktail program designed specifically for the needs of your interior crew. A consultant from the globally renowned Shaker BarSchool will work with the head of interior to design a unique and exciting spirit and cocktail menu taking into consideration the needs/preferences of your guests and owners.
Your interior team will complete the training with a solid foundation, confidence, consistency and a real passion for cocktails.

Bar Environment
Glassware Styles
Garnish Preparation
Bar Preparation/Keep
Tools of the Trade

Product Knowledge
Spirit Production
Vodka, Gin and Whiskey
Rum and Tequila
Cognac and Brandy
Aperitifs and Aromatised Wines
Wine Service and Champagne Etiquette

Mechanics of Bartending
Cocktail Methodology
Build and Stir
Shake and Strain
Fine Strain, Muddling and Blending

Cocktails and Mixology
Cocktail History
Long Drinks
Perfect Serves
The Structure of the Cocktail
Cocktail Categories Explained
Bloody Mary
Fruit Martinis

Cocktail Consultation
Cocktail Menu Consultation
Cocktail Design for your Yacht
Cocktail Design for your guests

Shaker builds the foundations that yacht crew need to understand each spirit category and their use in cocktails and long drinks. The aim of this course is to train students on speed and efficiency in cocktails and mixology with the fundamentals needed to become creative with spirits.

This is an onboard course only for up to 8 students.

Shaker BarSchool operates world class bartender training and a definitive range of accredited and vocational hospitality courses from cocktail master classes to professional and advanced bartender courses, molecular mixology, wine, spirit and yacht interior training courses.
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