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Kitchen To Galley

Galley yacht crew training course

Training centres
3 days
Every year we see an influx of highly-talented and professional sous-chefs and chefs from the hotel and restaurant trades coming into the yachting industry. Attracted by the prospects of a life at sea, by the often generous wages or simply by the challenge of a different way of life, most chefs are not prepared for the realities of life at sea: the galley seems impossibly small and everything moves!
They may be working alone, expected to menu plan with the guests, budget, source and order top quality provisions, prep, cook and clean up. How can this be done when the yacht is always moving? Sometimes you are not even told your next destination. Our instructor has vast experience and knows the tricks of the trade to provide high-class yacht catering in every location. Save yourself a lot of stress and get the head start needed to get your first position in the yachting industry.

Topics covered:
� introduction to the yachting industry
� crew positions and responsibilities
� safe working practices at sea
� living and working with other crew members
galley time and space management
� menu planning with different cultural requirements
� passage planning
� crew nutrition, the importance of good crew food
� preference sheets
� provisioning in multiple locations
� additional duties of the yacht chef

The course includes a visit to a local market and practical scenarios using sample preferences, producing a meal in our training galley.
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