Food Safety For Catering (HABC) Level 2 Exam

Galley yacht crew training course
Course Duration: 1 day
Training Centres
  • Fort Lauderdale
1 day
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Bluewater Crew Training USA does not currently offer the Food Safety for Catering (HABC) Level 2 course in-person but it can be taken directly through Highfield at 

Only candidates who have successfully completed this required training course and present a “course completion” from Highfield will be eligible to take this examination, which the passing of is necessary for certification. 

Only the examination for the Food Safety for Catering, Level 2 course offered by the Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC) is what you are booking here. 

Although you can schedule to take an online examination directly through Highfield, for your convenience and easier examination process we encourage you to schedule your examination in person at one of our live invigilated exam dates offered at the Bluewater training center. 

Bluewater Crew Training USA is an approved training center, approved by Highfield and the MCA, to offer this in – person examination.

This in-person exam is offered at the Ft. Lauderdale location only. Exam time is 15:30pm. Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the exam start time. 

This exam is not covered by One Account.

REQUIREMENTS FOR EXAM:  ID for verification, Highfield prior course completion and computer or iPhone

We provide this yacht training course in Fort Lauderdale.

Duration details

1 hour


20 Question Multiple Choice Exam.  You must get 13 correct to pass. 

Upcoming Classes
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19 August 2022 Fort Lauderdale $75 Places available
23 September 2022 Fort Lauderdale $75 Places available
30 September 2022 Fort Lauderdale $75 Places available
14 October 2022 Fort Lauderdale $75 Places available
21 October 2022 Fort Lauderdale $75 Places available
11 November 2022 Fort Lauderdale $75 Places available
02 December 2022 Fort Lauderdale $75 Places available