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Floristry & Plant Maintenance Module

Interior yacht crew training course

Training centres
1 day
Upon successful completion of the training, participants will have sufficient knowledge and understanding enabling them to demonstrate how to store, handle and maintain fresh flowers and plants, demonstrate ability to create floral displays, and understand colour schemes,
acements, dimensions and what is in season in different popular cruising areas; Mediterranean (May-September) West Indies (December-February) Pacific regions.

Understanding of and ability to store and handle fresh flowers and plants

• What’s in season and what will be available at the time of year you need it.
• Know which flowers can be displayed in direct sunshine (for exterior displays)
• Know how to care for stems; what can or cannot go in the fridge, re-cutting stems
before going into water or foam, removing wilted petals, what can or cannot be
• Know the importance of cleaning vases; bacteria is the main cause of premature
• Know how to correctly measure flower food

Know how to prepare vase and foam arrangements, including:

• Conditioning
• Cutting at angles
• Removal of leaves below the water line
• Wiring
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