Efficient Deckhand (E)

MCA - OOW yacht crew training course
Course Duration: 6 days
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6 days
For more information regarding this course, do not hesitate to contact one of our crew training centres.
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This course is scheduled as an EVENING Course! To meet the requisite hours of training set forth by the issuing authority, this course is scheduled from 17h00m until 23h00m each evening and may, in order to meet the required training time, include a Saturday from 09h00m to 17h00m. For the FULL course description, make sure to view the daytime course listing.

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Oral and practical on the final day

  • 1. At least 17 years of age 2. Hold a valid ENG1 certificate 3. Hold one of the following: (a) An MCA-accepted Yachtmaster Offshore 4. or (b) A Yacht Rating with at least 6 months' seagoing service and a steering certificate 5. or (c) An NWR certificate
  • I have a sufficient level of spoken and written English to understand the course content and to pass any verbal or written assessments.
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