Yacht Interior Service - Level 1

23 August 2021
  • Fort Lauderdale
5 days
1 left

The Yacht Interior Service (YIS) Level 1 is a 5 day entry level course that consists of the following:

Day 1 Introduction to Yachting and Personal Characteristics

• Overview of Yachting Industry, Regulations, Cruising Areas, Types of Yachts
• Descriptions of Yacht Positions and Chain of Command
• Basic Nautical Terminology
• Basic Use of Radios for Communication
• Basic Knot Tying, Line Handling and Watch Keeping
• Personal Presentation—Appearance, Hygiene, Dress, Manner, Speech, Body Language
• Professionalism-- Etiquette, Protocols and Confidentiality when dealing with Owners and Guests
• Safety, Life on Board and Responding to Emergencies

Day 2 Job Search, Communication and a Day in the Life of a Steward(ess)

• Job Search Recommendations-Crew Agencies, Networking, Dock Walking
• Types of Jobs, Salaries, Benefits and Crew Agreements
• Interviewing Skills and Writing an appropriate CV/Resume
• Attention to Detail
• Communication and Team Working
• Day in the Life of a Stewardess- Rotations
• Tools and Checklists Used
• Working with Children and Elderly Guests
• Theme Parties and Events, Flower Maintenance

Day 3 Laundry and Linens

• How to Run an Efficient Laundry Room
• Stain Removal and Reading Labels
• Ironing and Folding Techniques, use of different irons, including roller iron
• Guest and Crew Laundry
• Plus Services and Origami
• Table Linens and Napkin Folding
• Wardrobe Organization, Packing and Unpacking Suitcase
• Practical Assessment

Day 4 Housekeeping and Bed Making

• Proper Use and Storage of Cleaning Products and Chemicals
• How to Clean and Maintain the Following Surfaces: Wood, Stone, Glass, Leather, Carpet and Drapes,
Furniture and Upholstery, Metals
• Silver Polishing
• Fine Art and Antiques Maintenance and Protection
• Detailing and Cleaning a Room
• Bed Making and Sheet Folding
• Cabin Turn up and Turn Down Service
• Practical Assessment

Day 5 Silver Service

• Styles of Service and Technique
• Table Setting, Mise en Place and Decoration
• Serving/ Clearing Methods
• Differences of China, Glassware and Flatware
• Beverage Service- Wine, Cocktails, Coffee, Tea
• Final Practical Assessment
• Final Practical Exam

Entry Level Yacht Interior crew will also be advised to take the following courses:
• Proficiency in Designated Security Duties
• Food Safety and Hygiene-Level 2
• Powerboat Level 2

Duration details:

5 days


Practical and Written Assessments

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