Electrical Control Systems

15 January 2019
  • Palma
4 days
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This four-day course comprises 12 modules with practical’s:

Day 1 -Fundamental level
• BAS - Units and symbols for electricity. Basic electrical circuits. Current flow.
• FLT - Basic fault-finding tool kit for modern electrical & electronic systems.
• OHM - Sherlock Ohms; understanding and applying basic electrical measurements with hands on custom practical.

Day 2- Intermediate level
• BAT – Batteries, chargers and inverters. Hybrid options.
• DCS- Distributed controls on board with introduction to PLCs.
• GEN-A- Shore power; an introduction to single phase and three phase systems with practical measurements.

Day 3 - Proficient level
• HYD - Hydraulic controls for large sailing vessels
• DRV - Drives primer: Variable frequency drives vs. soft starters
• GEN-B - Generator controls and power management systems, with practical video training.

Day 4 - Advanced level
• SEN - A primer on measurement methods and sensor interfacing.
• AMS - Monitoring, control and alarm systems.
• PLC- Programmable Logic Controllers - purpose and functions on board with hands on custom practical.

Please be aware that this course cannot be paid for with credits from the One account - as the instructor is an external 3rd party instructor.


Continuous practical and written assessment

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