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By Sarah Smith-Garrison • 10 October 2022

Tackling your Inner Critic

Emma Kate Ross is an ex-superyacht chef turned qualified mental health first aid instructor. 
She hosts a half-day zoom session for those away at sea, and a 2-day mental health first aid course in Palma and Antibes.
Here she gives us her tips on tackling your inner critic…

It’s not always something we feel able to discuss freely on boats, but many of us are dogged by a deeply negative, critical inner voice — and a sense that we are not good enough, no matter what we might do. 

The good news is, we needn’t feel this way! 
There are many steps we can take to move towards a more self-accepting and forgiving stance…and SEAS THE MIND is here to help!

STEP ONE…Uncovering the Roots of Self-Criticism

This can often be the longest step to take… but it IS essential. 
Our childhood may not necessarily have been a disaster, but the critical voice we hear could belong to an overly anxious or stern parent - or one who thought so highly of us that we feel we can never live up to their expectations.

STEP TWO…Separating the Voice from the Self

One of the steps we can take towards greater mental health is to realise that this drama is going on inside our minds and is not a reality. 
We could see our mendacious inner voice as an annoying character, give it a name of someone you don’t fear and someone you can ignore. 
When the voice starts up, use a strong voice to tell it to go away, be quiet, tell the mean nagging voice it’s been unfair and it’s wrong. 

STEP THREE…Challenging Our Inner Critic

Once we have named and shamed our inner critic, we can start to question it and challenge it!

Do I really deserve no compassion and no forgiveness?

Is this voice helping me or hurting me? 
Would I ever think of treating a friend (or even an enemy) the way I’m treating myself?


Get your 5-year mental health first aid certificate

Our MHFA training is an illuminating and compassionate course which can help us to begin the process of building an altogether kinder relationship with ourselves. 
Which allows us to have even better connection with those around us… and connection is where it’s at, especially on a boat.
Taking the 2-day Mental Health First Aid course gives you an internationally accepted certificate which recognises you as a mental health first aider, this certificate lasts for 5-years and is valid in all your roles onboard as well as shore side.

To take advantage of the 10% discount, email our training team quoting ‘World Mental Health Day’ and we’ll send you details of the courses available for you to book.