Winners Of The 2023 Bluewater Photo Competition

In the world of luxury yachting, where opulence and extravagance meet the boundless expanse of the sea, the Bluewater Photo Competition is an annual event that celebrates the reality and beauty of the superyacht industry. The photo competition began in 2009 to showcase everything yachting offers, and in 2023, the talent was exceptional. The entries were spectacular and harnessed the true essence of yachting.

By Lizzie Ross • 29 September 2023
© Ben Kirk - Under The Flare

Photo Competition Showcased Outstanding World Of Yachting

After deliberation from the panel of judges, the winner of the photo competition 2023 was determined, and the decision was made to put the shortlisted video finalists to the industry via social media (Facebook, Instagram and TikTok) and in an intense 48hr vote, the winner was crowned.

Let’s take a closer look at the winners and their remarkable entries that capture the heart and soul of this remarkable industry.

Video Competition Winner Benjamin Zinn

Winner: Benjamin Zinn - The Bahamas

This mesmerising tribute to yachting in the Bahamas showcases the stunning crystal blue water and the enchanting world beneath with playful stingrays. The footage captures the thrill of sea bobbing through these pristine waters, the allure of a Superyacht and the excitement of water toys. Beyond the azure waves, the video unveils a secret world on a secluded beach, with games and the promise of endless adventure. It’s a cinematic journey that encapsulates the essence of luxury and exploration in this tropical paradise.

Photo Competition Winner Ben Kirk

Winner: Ben Kirk - Under The Flare

This stunning image speaks for itself; for the adventurous crew, yachting opens up a whole new world of beauty.

Taking Over The Baton from Khalil Bethel

Khalil Bethel

The 2023 Bluewater Photo Competition entries celebrated the multifaceted nature of the superyacht industry. From the fine art of table settings to the heart-pounding excitement of water sports and the sheer grandeur of yachts against stunning backdrops, these photographs conveyed the essence of yachting as an unparalleled blend of luxury, adventure, and natural beauty.

Taking over the baton from 2019 winner Khalil Bethel, Bluewater congratulates both Ben Kirk and Benjamin Zinn on their outstanding entries. The grand prize of €1000 is coming to each of them.

There Is So Much Beauty To Be Seen By Superyacht

As we admire these winning images, we are reminded that the world of superyachts is not just about extravagant vessels but also about the extraordinary experiences they offer.

It’s a world where the boundaries between the man-made and the natural blur, creating a unique and awe-inspiring synergy that continues to captivate yachting enthusiasts around the globe. The 2023 Bluewater Photo Competition again sheds light on this remarkable industry, where dreams set sail on a sea of endless possibilities.